7 Easy Ways to Turn Off Startup Applications in Windows 11


Don’t know startup on Windows working system? Here we clarify. So, Startup is a characteristic in Windows the place when the pc / laptop computer is first turned on, there are functions that routinely run.

Usually there are a number of functions that may run by default after being put in, comparable to antivirus, IDM, Discord, Adobe, Browser and different functions.

But typically, the applying is definitely not required to run on Startup, due to this fact, you possibly can simply flip it off. But earlier than that, discover out why you want to flip off sure Startup functions.

Why Do You Need to Turn Off Startup Applications?

The reply is to pace up the method boot from a Windows 11 laptop or laptop computer.

Because extra functions/applications are operating at startup, the boot course of will take longer. Especially in case your PC specs are very minimal.

Here’s How to Turn Off Startup Apps in Windows 11

1. Take benefit of the Settings Menu

At first, you possibly can flip off the Startup software by Settings in Windows 11. This technique is included in probably the most extensively used and simplest way you realize.

Here are the steps to set the Startup software through Settings Windows 11:

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Step 1: Open Settings by urgent the button Windows + I.

Step 2: Select the settings menu Apps in the left pane.

Windows 11 Startup Apps Settings

Step 3: Choose an possibility Startup in the window on the suitable.

Step 4: Change the toggle place to Off on app startup that you really want to flip off.

Turn Off All Startup Apps

2. Use Task Manager

Windows 11 Startup Task Manager

You may also simply flip it off startup functions that aren’t vital through the use of the Task Manager, here is how:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Open tab Startup.
  3. Select the applying and click on Disable.

3. Use CCleaner/Other Applications

The subsequent means to flip off the Startup software in Windows 11 is to use a third-party software comparable to CCleaner or one other related software.

Although the primary perform of CCleaner is to clear cachehowever in the applying there are additionally instruments to handle Startup functions.

Here’s how to flip off Startup applications in CCleaner:

Step 1: First obtain the CCleaner software program by the official web site in order that it would not exist malware.

Step 2: Install the applying as traditional.

Step 3: Run the CCleaner software, then choose menu Tools.

Turn Off Startup With Ccleaner In Windows 11

Step 4: Open tab Startup.

Step 5: Select the startup software you need to flip off and click on Disable.

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4. Via MSConfig

You may also use MSConfig or also referred to as System Configuration to flip it off startup functions in Windows 11.

The distinction is, right here you possibly can’t select which software to cease from the method startupthere are solely settings to allow or disable all functions startup.

To flip off all startup through MSConfig, listed here are the steps:

Step #1: Press Windows + R to run Run.

Step #2: Type msconfig and press Enter.

Step #3: On tab Generalselect Selective Startup and uncheck the choice Load Startup Items.

Turn Off Startup Programs In Msconfig Windows 11

Step #4: Click Apply and click on OK.

Step #5: Restart Your Windows 11 PC.

5. Via Startup Folder

Every software operating on Startupthen it’ll have shortcuts particularly saved in that folder.

To flip off startup applications in Windows 11 through folder startupcomply with the strategy beneath:

  • First: Open Run by urgent the button Windows + Rs.
  • Second: Type shell:startup and press Enter.
  • Third: Select the applying shortcut you need to flip off from startup.
  • Fourth: Click Delete.

6. Through the Application Settings Itself

Generally functions that may run on Startup has its personal settings whether or not this system can be activated on Startup or not.

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So please open the applying in query, open its settings, then discover and switch off the choice Startup the.

7. Via Registry Editor

The final means to flip off software startup in Windows 11 is to use Registry Editor or regedit.

Here’s how:

Step #1: Open Windows Start Menu, then search and open Registry Editor.

Step #2: Open ComputeHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun.

Disable Windows 11 Startup Via Registry Editor

Step #3: Select file REG_SZ in accordance to the identify of the applying you need to flip off from startup.

Step #4: Right-click the file, then choose Delete.

Step #5: Click Yes on the window Warning rising.

Please select one of many seven strategies above!

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