7 Android Apps to Create the Best Logo

Aplikasi Pembuat Logo Untuk Android Terbaik

UnliHow7 Android Apps to Create the Best Logo

Many people think that making a logo is complicated and they have to use complicated computers and software. This assumption is not entirely true for now.

In the era of all gadgets, we can use Android applications to create logos that are cool, easy to remember, and able to represent organizational identity.

For your information, the definition of a logo is an image or just a sketch that has a certain meaning that is able to represent the identity of a particular company, organization, community, institution, or product.

So, the logo has an important function as an identity, or a representation of a product that is displayed in the form of an image.

There are so many software commonly used to create logos, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and so on. For beginners, the software is fairly complicated.

However, now there are many logo maker applications that we can operate via Android smartphones. So, what’s the list of applications? Come on, see the following review!

1. Logo Maker Plus

Logo Maker Plus Android App

Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator is one of the best logo maker apps on our list. This application provides the widest possible space for you to be creative in making your own logo.

You can enjoy the appearance of a user friendly artboard in this application. On the artboard, you can add various supporting elements in creating a logo, such as lines, text, background, to color customization. You can also create 3D logos by playing with color gradation and shadow effects.

This application made by Logopit is very flexible and can be adapted to various needs. Not only creating company or organization logos, you can also use them to create YouTube video thumbnails, Facebook covers, or Twitter headers.

This function is also one of the advantages of the Logo Maker Plus application. In addition, flexible editing features are available, making it suitable for use by professionals.

However, if you are still a beginner, this application may not be very suitable because you must be familiar with using image editing applications or the like.

In addition, another drawback of this application is that it does not support all image formats, so you can only create logos with certain formats.

You can download this 21 MB application for free on Google Play at the following link:

Download from Playstore

Additional information

  • Last update: February 1, 2020
  • Size: 21 MB
  • Installed: 10 million more users
  • Current version:
  • Minimum Android version: 4.2 or higher
  • Developer: Logopit
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2. Logo Maker – Logo Design and Graphic Icon Maker (online)

Logo Maker Online For Android

The next best logo creator application is an application made by Content Arcade Apps. Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator offers tools and features for you to easily and quickly design a logo according to your needs such as an Android application similar to CorelDraw.

But to be able to use this application, your Android device must be connected to the internet. There are so many database templates to choose from that you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a logo from scratch.

The various tools in it will help you create a professional logo but with simple steps.

Another advantage is that this application also supports various image formats. In fact, you can create a logo quickly even if you edit high-quality images.

If you are interested in using it, you can download Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator for free via Google Play here:

Download from Playstore

Additional information

  • Last update: February 4, 2020
  • Size: 14 MB
  • Installed by: over 1 million users
  • Current version: 27.4
  • Require Android version: 5.0 or higher
  • Developer: Content Arcade Apps

3. Logo Maker (by Iris Studios)

Logo Maker App For Android

This application is suitable for those of you who are used to using Adobe Photoshop. The reason is, this application made by Iris Studios offers an intuitive menu that is almost similar to Photoshop.

Logo Maker is an Android application for creating logos that is very lightweight so you can easily create professional logo designs.

Unfortunately, for the free version there is a watermark on the resulting logo. If you don’t want a watermark, then you have to use the paid version.

With the Logo Maker application, producing a professional logo design is not difficult. You can choose whether you want to create a logo from scratch or get help with a template.

So, this application is not only suitable for use by professionals but also beginners. Just add elements and text into the template, also adjust the color to what you want.

With just a few steps, your own professional logo is ready. Interested in using it? As a trial, just download the free version first! If you feel that it fits your needs, then buy the paid version to remove the watermark.

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You can download the app here:

Download from Playstore

Additional information

  • Size: 31 MB
  • Last update: December 2, 2019
  • Current version: 2.8
  • Downloads: 5 million+ users
  • Minimum Android version: 4.2 or higher
  • Developer: Iris Studios and Services

4. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

App Logo Sticker Icon And Label On Android

Creating a logo on a cellphone is very easy with this application developed by Light Creative Lab. Even though you don’t have proficient design skills at all, the logos and icons that you can produce will still be interesting because all logo templates are already available.

One of the advantages of this logo maker application for Android phones is that the color spectrum provided is very good, we can make coloring according to taste easily and the results are guaranteed not to look amateurish.


  • There are more than 2000 logo templates grouped by various categories
  • Has more than 100 types of fonts that let you play on the typographic logo
  • Multi-layer management
  • Export to various formats
  • Can be used to create logos, stickers, labels, icons, and other graphic products.

Interested in using this application? You can get it directly from the Playstore via the link we have provided below:

Download from Playstore

5. Logo Maker – Logo Creator

Logo Maker Online For Android 1

The next 3D logo and icon maker application for Android phones is Logo Creator developed by James Thomas Carter. In this application, there are more than 1000 icon designs and textures that can be used to create beautiful logo designs.

Using it is also very easy, with a simple yet feature-rich UI that allows us to design logos with professional-looking results. Don’t worry about your mediocre design skills because once you try this application, you will definitely be able to produce a good logo.


  • There are 1000+ unique logo templates that can be used for free
  • Able to create 3D logos
  • Support texture and overlays features
  • Has a complete color spectrum setting
  • Filters to correct colors like a professional editor app
  • Support typography
  • Can make the background transparent
  • Has more than 100 backgrounds to beautify the designs you make

6. PixelLab

Pixelab Android Cool Logo Maker App

This application is quite popular among graphic designers and is often used as a mainstay in making graphic design works. Not only logos, with PixelLab you can also create banners, edit images, edit photos into cartoons, or other vector works professionally.

This application is quite practical and easy to use. There are various features that you can use to create a cool logo for your business, organization, or community needs.

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The mainstay of this application is the number of fonts that can be changed as desired. In addition, you can also create a logo with a cool and elegant 3D effect display. You can also add stickers to the created logo so that it looks even more perfect.

Interested in using it? Download the PixelLab app here:

Download from Playstore

Additional information

  • Size: Varies by device
  • Last update: 24 July 2019
  • Current version: Varies by device
  • Downloads: 10 million+ users
  • Developer: App Holdings

7. Canva

Canva Logo Maker

The last app on our list requires an internet connection if you want to use it. Even so, you can create various kinds of logo shapes that you want easily.

There are so many templates available for your needs in creating logos on Android devices. These templates are divided into several categories so you won’t have any trouble finding a template that suits you.

Apart from creating a logo using a template, you can also create your own logo from scratch with the various tools provided by Canva.

The available tools include scratch, edit text & photos, change colors and shapes, make cool writing, and many other tools.

Even better, with Canva you can not only create logos, but also posters, banners, business cards, and much more. With one account, you can also have your own cloud storage gallery if you want to open or share creations from Canva. Cool, right?

Interested in trying? Please download and install the application here:

Download from Playstore

Additional information

  • Size: 22 MB
  • Last update: February 4, 2020
  • Current version: 2.46.0
  • Installed: 50 million+ users
  • Required Android version: 4.1 or more
  • Developer: Canva

Well, that was the list of applications to create a logo that you can use on your Android phone. With one of the applications above, you no longer need to be confused when you want to create a logo for your business, community, organization, or personal.

Each application has its own advantages, choose the one that suits your needs. It doesn’t have to be a paid one, if the free one is quite satisfying.

But if you have more budget and want an application with more complete features, there’s nothing wrong with using a premium one. Good luck!

That’s the whole content of our article this time about 7 Android Apps to Create the Best Logo

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