6 interesting uses of the hyperlink function in Microsoft Excel

Aprende Todos Los Usos De La Función De Hipervínculos En Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel provides us the chance to present you a lot functions to function hyperlink. Uses that may undoubtedly turn into too helpful relying on the scenario in which we discover ourselves.

The Microsoft workplace suite is one of the most full that we’ll discover on the market. With the chance of counting cells with textual content, including columns, including and customizing information labels in graphs, amongst many different choices which can be helpful, sensible, and essential.

Uses of Microsoft Excel’s hyperlink function

Link a cell in the spreadsheet

We can hyperlink a selected cell in the present spreadsheet, we should embrace the title of the file, the sheet and the cell reference. The filename might be enclosed in sq. brackets and the whole argument in double quotes.

How To Use The Hyperlink Function In Excel To The Fullest.

Let’s see a transparent instance, with this formulation, we’ll hyperlink cell A6 in our present spreadsheet referred to as Sheet1 (Sheet1). The file title might be HTG_Desktop.xlsx. It is essential to incorporate the file title.


Get The Most Out Of Excel'S Hyperlink Feature.

In order to hyperlink the similar file, sheet or cell, we’ll use the descriptive title for the hyperlink like “Go to A6”, we are able to use a formulation like this.

=HYPERLINK(«[HTG_Desktop.xlsx]Sheet1!A6″,”Go to A6”)

Create a hyperlink to a cell inside the workbook in excel

6 Tricks For The Hyperlink Function In Excel

Another cool factor we are able to do is hyperlink a cell in the present workbook, however to a different sheet. The solely factor we should do is exchange the title of the present sheet with the title of one other.



Something else we are able to do is add the CELL function as an alternative of typing the file title. Here we’ll depart an instance to hyperlink to the similar cell as the earlier one.


Change Title.

But this mixed function formulation additionally works by inputting show textual content for the “text” argument. Instead of including textual content in quotes, we’re going to add the worth in cell D1 which might be the phrase Title in this case.


Link to a workbook in one other drive

Uses Of The Hyperlink Function In Microsoft Excel

This possibility could be very interesting for various jobs, as a result of we are able to hyperlink a file situated on one other drive, together with the full path in quotes.


Specify Cell.

If we need to go to a selected cell, we’ll hyperlink C9 on Sheet1 in the similar file and placement. We can add sq. brackets round the path with the sheet title and cell reference afterwards.


Custom Title.

We can clearly see one other instance linked to named vary totals in the similar file and placement. Since we’re utilizing an outlined title, we are able to ensure that to insert the sq. brackets round the path.


Create a hyperlink with the function to an outlined title in excel

Another factor we are able to do is hyperlink a spread of named cells in an Excel workbook, be it the present one or one other. In this case, we’ll add sq. brackets round a path straight earlier than the outlined title.

Defined Name Function.

So if we need to bind to the title scores outlined in the present workbook titled HTG_Desktop.xlsx, we might use the following formulation:


Link Another Workbook.

In case we need to hyperlink the title outlined Totals in one other workbook, we’re going to enter the full path in parentheses adopted by the title of the cell vary as follows:


Change Display Text.

If we need to use one other kind of show textual content, we’re merely going to have so as to add it as the second argument, it is so simple as we see it right here.

=HYPERLINK(«[HTG_Desktop.xlsx]Scores»»Go There»)

hyperlink an internet site

Link Website.

We also can hyperlink to a distant XLSX file, together with the full path in quotes like this:


Link Specific Cell Of Remote Sheet.

It is even attainable to hyperlink a sheet and a selected cell, we are able to add the file path in sq. brackets with the sheet title and cell reference under.


Link a Word doc

Link Word Document.

We also can do it to a Word doc straight. For this we’ll embrace the full path in quotes and the file extension, this must be precise.


Custom Text.

We can hyperlink a bookmark in Word. We’ll add these sq. brackets adopted by the title of the bookmark.


In brief, Excel provides us the potential to create customized hyperlinks relying on our wants. Something that has been very helpful when we’ve got to work with a big quantity of paperwork.

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