6 Current Instagram Story Applications for 2023

Instagram Stories App

Instagram stories app latest 2022 up to date – One of Instagram’s social media features, which is widely used to show content is instastory.

By using this feature, you can upload various types of content.

Starting from photo content, boomerang videos, long videos, and so on.

In order to make the Instastory look more attractive, many people use the current Instastory application.

Discussion of the Instagram Story Application

Of course, you often come across various celebrity stories with interesting effects.

Not only the effect, it’s not uncommon for these stories to be framed in an interesting and up-to-date form.

With this interesting Instagram story, of course it will increase the number of your viewers and followers.

Therefore, if you want to increase the number of viewers, you can use the current editor application.

The standard instastory display will certainly make other people bored to see it.

With the Instastory editing application, making your story look more unique and interesting.

Celebgrams are also often willing to download applications, just to decorate their Instagram stories in such a way as to make them look attractive.

For those of you who have never known what the Instagram story application is, then the following below can be used as a reference for several Instastory editing applications to make them more unique and interesting.

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Instagram Stories app

1. Canva’s Latest Instagram Story App

Instagram Stories App
Canva’s New Instagram Story App

Name the latest instagram story application this one may be familiar to most of you.

This is because the Canva application is also often used as an editor application for creating CVs and posters.

But it turns out that this application also provides a variety of Instastory templates that are very interesting and you should try.

This application can be downloaded for Android and IOS devices.

Canva is also quite flexible to use.

This is because you can install it on your PC/laptop device.

2. Latest Instagram Story Application 2022 Hypetype

Instagram Stories App
Latest Instagram Story Application 2022 Hypetype

The newest Instagram story application for 2022 this is equipped with an animated text feature that you can add to your instastory.

So, your story will look more memorable.

There are various choices of animated letters that you can adjust to your needs.

The interface design is also quite easy to understand.

3. The Latest Unfold Instagram Story Application

Instagram Stories App
Unfold’s Contemporary Instagram Story Application

You’ve certainly seen stories that contain a combination of photos and videos on one slide.

Story content with a model like this is made with the current Instagram story application Unfold.

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This application allows you to combine photos and videos at the same time in one view.

Your story will look more unique with this application.

There are various template options that you can adjust to your taste.

4. Instastory InShot video editing application

Instagram Stories App
Instastory InShot video editing application

Instastory video editing application InShot doesn’t just provide collage templates, this app also comes with a variety of beautiful effects, audio, and stickers that you can add to your story.

This application also provides a feature to adjust the speed of the video content that you create.

InShot also provides a variety of motion stickers, which can add a lively impression to your Instagram story content.

5. Super 16 Instagram Stories App

Instagram Stories App
Super 16 Instagram Stories App

Unlike some of the previous applications, this Instagram story application called Super 16 is here to give a vintage effect to your Instagram story content.

There are several different tones and grain choices that you can adjust to your taste.

6. Splice Instagram Story Application

Instagram Stories App
Splice Instagram Stories app

More complete than previous applications, Splice is commonly used for editing video content.

But you can also edit photo content using this application.

In this Splice application, you will be presented with various types of sound effects, background music, and other additional components.

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The final word

Making insta stories more interesting, it turns out, is not difficult to do.

Just by using some of the applications above, you can already get a more interesting story.

You can get some of the latest and most recent Instastory applications above for free.

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That’s the whole content of our article this time about instagram stories app the latest 2022 is current. That’s all and good luck.

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