50+ Best Instagram Dare Games & Stories Dare With Questions/Answers 2022

50+ Best Instagram Dare Games &Amp; Stories Dare With Questions/Answers 2022

Instagram Dare Games

Bored of simply scrolling and liking. Want some enjoyable whereas retaining your followers? Posting dare video games and tales with dare questions is a superb strategy to retain followers. Otherwise, when your followers discovered your account inactive or nothing attention-grabbing in your account they have an inclination to unfollow you. Posting dare and question-answer tales make your followers really feel nearer to you.

Sometimes dares are simply harsh and attention-grabbing questions which you could not ask anybody in regular circumstances. Most of the time these dares are responses to a shaggy dog story that you need to go on to your followers and it goes on.

If you might be even an informal person of Instagram you have to have seen these dares and Q&A tales and will need to have responded to a kind of. It can be extra doubtless that you’ve got loved these video games. That is why folks prefer to submit these tales. If you might be out of concepts to your Instagram dare and Q&A tales. We have collected greater than 50 greatest Instagram dare video games & tales with Q&A. These tales will allow you to and your followers have some enjoyable of their leisure time.

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Fun Dare Questions For Instagram:

Fun Dare#1😉 :

Nominees on Instagram AWARDS 2022.. ship this to all of your contacts, together with me and see what awards u’d get… But reply me first:

So what award do I deserve???

  1. Finest dp👌
  2. Best cheeks🙈
  3. Most Annoying😤
  4. Beautiful hairs👧
  5. Best Dressed👗👚
  6. Most Creative😁
  7. Most Adorable❤
  8. Best Eyes👁
  9. Always on-line😂
  10. Best Personality❤
  11. Dramebaaz🤡
  12. Sweet voice😚
  13. Funny😂
  14. Best standing uploader😅
  15. Prettiest❤
  16. Handsome✌
  17. Romantic😍
  18. Cuteness overloaded😘
  19. Talkative👻
  20. Sweetest😚

What do you vote for?

Fun Dare#2😉 :

Fill within the blanks with “One Word”

Where did you first see me?

Answer: _______

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What did you felt, once you noticed me for the primary time?

Answer: ________

The very best quality you see in me?

Answer: _________

Guess my favourite coloration?

Answer: _________

What is my greatest worry?

Answer: _________

Do you assume I’m loopy for you?

Answer: _________

What will you give me for my subsequent birthday?


Where do you need to journey with me?

Answer: ________

Which music describes our relationship?

Answer: ________

Am I a great dancer?

Answer: _________

Fun Dare#3😉 :

Dare : Fill it up?

  1. How we met:
  2. My title in your telephone:
  3. Who I’m to you:
  4. One phrase that describes me:
  5. What you dislike about me:
  6. First impression:
  7. Current impression
  8. Do you belief me:

Reply to me and I’ll placed on my story…

Dare Question/Answers for Instagram:

Dare Game

Dare#1 :

Dare: Choose one in every of these numbers…in case you DARE!!!! For each quantity you select, I’ll offer you a process! Answer instantly.











Dare Answer :

101 Send me essentially the most embarrassing image of you

202 Peel a potato together with your tooth and ship me the video

303 Do no matter I need for the remainder of the day

404 Draw one thing humorous in your face with a marker pen and submit the pic

505 Peel a banana together with your toes and ship me the video

606 Take a pic of you carrying all of your garments again to entrance

707 Tell me essentially the most infantile factor you continue to do as an grownup

808 Walk round the home or down the road like a zombie and ship me the video

909 Tell me the silliest factor you continue to have an emotional attachment to

000 Bark like a canine for two minutes and ship me the video

Dare#2 :

Dare:Rearrange the spellings and reply. These are the stuff you see every single day round you.

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10. ookb

Dare Answer :

1.Wall Clock


3.Ceiling Fan

4.Mobile display

5.Mirror Glass







Choose any of the next given capabilities and I’ll inform you about your life accomplice.

1) Messaging 📨

2) Contacts ☎

3) Camera 📷

4) Media ⏩

5) Apps 📲

6) Settings ⚙️

Dare Answer :

1) Messaging: Loving and Caring

2) Contacts: Very talkative and Bold

3) Gallery: Romantic and Deep Thinker

4) Media: Social and Funny

5) Apps: Boring and Selfish

6) Settings: Irritating


New Fun Dare 😉 :

Choose a present field From 1 to 54 And have a dare All

😈😈So watch out 😈😈 Your alternative is in your threat 😂😂







😂😂 #Extremely #harmful 😂

Dare Answer :

  1. A Long Kiss Or Smooch
  2. Ask Me Out Together
  3. Ice Cream Treat
  4. Delete My Number
  5. What’S Your Deepest Secret?🙊
  6. Send Ur Cutest Pic
  7. Write My Name On Your Hand And Send Me Photo Of It
  8. Give Me A Treat🍨
  9. Put Your Status For A Day Saying “I Am Mad”
  10. Take A Picture Of Yourself & Send It To Me
  11. Tell Me Something You Always Wanted To Saybut You Couldn’T…
  12. Call Me And Tell I Love You
  13. Do A Favor On Me
  14. What Would U Want Our Relation To Be?
  15. Tell Your Family About Me 😛
  16. Call Me And Say My Name In A Loud Voice!
  17. Write My Name On Your Status Saying You Love Me..!!
  18. Show Ur Angry Face .
  19. What Change Would You Want In Me?🙎
  20. Write Your And My Name In Your Status For 1 Day!
  21. Put My Photo As Your Dp My Name As Status
  22. Wat U Think About Me!
  23. Tell Me One Thing You Have Never Told Anyone😈
  24. Take Me Out For Movie Or Date 🙈
  25. Tell Me A Secret About You
  26. Tell Me A Secret About Your Relationship?
  27. Be My Slave For 2 Day
  28. Send A Voice Note Saying That You Love Me.
  29. Seduce Me To Do Something 💁
  30. Write My Name In Your Status
  31. Make A Dp Of U And A Guy/Grl With You.. But He Should Not Be Your Bf/Gf.
  32. Give Me A Grand Treat🎊
  33. Send Me Your Best Friends Number
  34. Voice Clip Send Me Your Gonna Crazy📧
  35. Send A Pic Of Your Ex
  36. Put Your Status For A Day Saying “I Miss You (My Name)”
  37. Take A Picture Of Yourself & Send It To Me Now
  38. Don’T Talk To Me For 1 Day
  39. Be Ready For A Date
  40. Send me a pic of a bizarre face response that You can ever make 😅
  41. What Am I To You??
  42. What’S Your Deepest Desire😋
  43. Tell Me One Thing You Have Never Want To Lose
  44. Tell Me Something You Always Wanted From Me
  45. How Would You Describe Me?
  46. Be My Slave For 1 Week
  47. Send Me A Picture Of Your Enemy
  48. Remove Your Dp😀
  49. Send Me Your Favorite Dress Pic
  50. Write My Full Name In Ur Status Saying U Love Me.
  51. What’s On Your Mind😛
  52. Send Me Kisses
  53. Make My Pic As Dp
  54. Send me a collage pic of You with Your most make-up and no make-up in any respect 😀
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#Complete Your Dare


Instagram tales and video games are a superb method of bonding in addition to retaining followers. It offers a novel expertise to your followers except for the standard scrolling and liking the pictures on Instagram. Therefore we now have collected greater than 50 Instagram dare video games and tales for you and your followers. Have a have a look at all of those dare video games and duplicate whichever you want.

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