5 Ways to Check ARM Type (ARM, ARM64 & x86) Android HP

Check Arm Cpu-Z

Basically before buying smartphonesmaybe you just noticed processorRAM and memory just. In fact, there is one more component that I think you should pay attention to, namely ARM.

One of the functions of ARM is to choose which applications to run on smartphones you fit the architecture. For example, if your ARM is 32 bit, it certainly won’t be able to run 64 bit applications.

Now this is just a brief description of one of ARM’s functions. Meanwhile, if you want to know more clearly about what ARM is and how to find out on an Android cellphone. You can immediately refer to this article.

What are ARMs?

ARMS (Advanced Risk Machine) is a component that is still in the same family as the CPU. The difference is, ARM is based on RISC architecture which is suitable for running low power applications.

Because it is suitable for low-power applications, ARM is often used on devices portablelike smartphones and tablets.

In addition, ARM is also claimed to have a higher speed than a computer. This is because, ARM is made to read fewer instructions. So that makes it faster.

How to Know ARM on an Android Phone

Every Android, of course, has a different type of ARM starting from 32 bit, 64 bit and x86. The type of ARM that you use generally also has an effect on processor on your Android, you know.

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Then how do you find out ARM on an Android phone? You can find out through the following applications:

1. Using CPU-Z

Check Arm Cpu-Z
5 Ways To Check Arm Type (Arm, Arm64 & X86) Android Hp 12

First, you can use the CPU-Z application. Of course, for those who often play computers, they are already familiar with this application.

Yes, this application allows you to find out what components are in it smartphones. Including finding information about the ARM used on your cellphone.

If you want to find out what type of ARM is used via CPU-Z, you just have to open it and select the SOC tab. Later you can see the type of ARM in the Architecture column. Meanwhile, to see the kernel, you can tap the System tab and look in the Kernel Architecture column.

2. Using My Device

Check Arm My Device
5 Ways To Check Arm Type (Arm, Arm64 & X86) Android Hp 13

Then you can use the My Device application. The appearance of this application is somewhat more fresh and interesting. Apart from that, information regarding your cellphone is also provided in a very simple way so that it is easy to understand.

Then to look for the ARM type in the My Device application. You just need to tap on the CPU option. Later you can see the type of ARM in the ABI column.

Developer 3k Developers
Size 4.1MB
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3. Using DevCheck

Check Arm Dev Check
5 Ways To Check Arm Type (Arm, Arm64 & X86) Android Hp 14

DevCheck is also recommended for those of you who want to check information about Android phones. Like checking HP RAM, network battery and much more. The display in this simple application is also accompanied by active statistics on CPU usage on an ongoing basis live.

So, to check ARM in DevCheck it’s very easy. You just have to select the System tab only, then scroll down until you find the Architecture column.

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4. Using CPU X

Check Arm Cpu X
5 Ways To Check Arm Type (Arm, Arm64 & X86) Android Hp 15

There is also CPU X. This application is quite interesting, because besides being able to find out the specifications of your cellphone. The CPU X application also allows you to browse information details about other cellphones, even the newest ones.

But the feature that I like about this app is that it allows us to compare MOBILE PHONE. So if you want to replace a new cell phone, you don’t need to open sites on browsers Again.

If you want to check ARM on CPU X, all you have to do is tap the CPU button. Then swipe down until you find the Instruction Set column.

Developer Adalve Technologies Pvt Ltd
Size 10MB
Link Downloads

5. Using CPU Info

Check Arm Cpu Info
5 Ways To Check Arm Type (Arm, Arm64 & X86) Android Hp 16

Finally, you can use the CPU Info application. This application has a similar appearance to CPU-Z. And in general, the features are the same.

For example, you want to use this application to check ARM. Then you can select the CPU tab, then scroll down and look for the ABI column.

ARM Name Explanation

The name ARM in some of the applications above generally does not explain the type of architecture used. But the name is written in the form of a code.

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As for the explanation of the name ARM that you can see below:

Architecture ARM name
ARMs 32 Bits ARMv7 or armeabi
64 Bit ARMs AAr h64 or arm64-v8a
X86 (32 Bit and 64 Bit) X86 or x86abi

Reasons We Should Know ARM HP

Maybe you’ve ever wanted to install an app. Where on other cellphones the application you want appears on the Google Playstore. Meanwhile, on your main cellphone it doesn’t appear.

This indicates the system on your cellphone is not support to install the application. Because each application generally has minimum requirements from the HP specifications that you want to pair it with.

For example, the Android Studio for Android application requires arm64-v8a (ARM 64 bit). Of course, you cannot install this application on Android with 32-bit ARM.

The final word

That’s more or less an explanation about ARM on Android phones. From the explanation above, you can conclude that ARM Android is divided into 3 types, namely 32 bit, 64 bit and x86.

To find out the type of ARM on an Android cellphone, you can use some of the applications that I have recommended above.

If you are still confused or have questions regarding ARM on Android phones. Please just send it to the comments column.

Hope it is useful.

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