5 Painful MM Heroes in 2023

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Mm Hero Sick

MM Hero Sick – Mobile legends has a line of the sickest Marksman or MM heroes that you can play in 2023.

Marksman is one of the roles in the mobile legends game, this role can generate very high damage just by going through the attacks it has and also has a relatively weak defense.

Marksman heroes themselves are usually known as heroes who can attack their enemies from a distance, these heroes are usually very strong during the late game phase and already have full items.

Marksman is usually used as a core and will usually occupy the Gold Lane, although there are several marksman who can be support or jungler.

These heroes are currently meta and very popular to play, especially at the end of season 27.

Not only that, a marksman is a typical hero who has high basic attack abilities, this hero is also very good at mastering during the late game and has a basic attack attack and also a very high attack speed.

Apart from that, Marksma heroes are generally used as core heroes, sidelaners or even as support. For those of you who are already curious about what are the deadliest and most painful MM heroes, then see the review below.

Because, on this occasion we will discuss some of the MM heroes who are in the 2023 mobile legends game in the Mobile Legends game.

So that you can find out which heroes, including Marksman heroes, have the most damage and can be used for push ranks.

5 Painful MM Heroes in 2023

For more details, please you can just go straight to the review of the 5 sickest MM heroes in 2023, which are already below until it’s finished, OK, OK!!!

1. Beatrix

Mm Hero Sick
MM Hero Sick Hero Beatrix

The sickest MM hero in the first mobile legends game is Betrix, a marksman hero with the ability to change weapons.

You don’t need to doubt this Betrix hero anymore, because it does have very painful damage, with the attacks it has, Beatrix’s hero can finish off her enemies very quickly.

During the early game, Beatrix was able to make her enemies depressed and could even take the objective turrt during the early phases, of course you will be greatly helped by her skills.

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Beatrix is ​​also included in the Marksman hero who is very agile and also has easy enemy mobility, moreover her attacks also have long distances when using a sniper.

Hero Beatrix also has a very unique ability, namely she has a lot of weapons and also different attack effects, this marksman can change weapons according to your wishes.

Not only that, this hero also has a very deadly dagame to be able to finish off enemy heroes.

Beatrix will utilize the weapons she has according to the situation and conditions, especially when she is going to do war or teamfight.

2. Clint

Mm Hero Sick
MM Hero Sick Hero Clint

The second Painful MM Hero is Clint, one of the Marksman heroes in the mobile legends game with a wild west cowboy-style appearance.

This Marksman hero is also one of the mainstay heroes for players from mobile legends games, especially for those who use Marksman users.

Of course this is because Clint is really good, apart from that this hero can also compete with other strong marksman, for example like Beatrix.

Since the early game, Clint has been able to deal very high damage from his attacks, this hero is pretty good for putting pressure on enemy heroes.

If you have got a full item from Clint, it will be even more dangerous, especially if Clint has used attacks and also combos from his skill set.

Not only that, Clint’s hero is also a very good choice to play on the Gold Lane.

Apart from being strong, this one hero can also compete against other strong Marksman, that’s why this one hero is still very worth it to use or pick.

3. Nathan

Mm Hero Sick
Hero MM Sick Hero Natan

The third Painful MM Hero is the Natan hero, this marksman hero combines magical and physical damage or what is usually called a hybrid.

Natan is also included in the Marksman hero which is very popular and has been widely used by mobile legends players.

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This marksman hero has a very unique skill set, and for the damage he has, there is no need to doubt it, of course it hurts a lot.

Even though in the early game this one hero seems quite weak and needs help from support or roamers, but you should never underestimate Natan because when he is full of items and also late game this one hero can immediately slaughter all his enemies very easily, even one the team can be directly slaughtered by him.

If you use the hero Natan, it really takes a strategy and also the shrewdness of the hands of the pilot who controls it, being patient and not being reckless is something that is very important for Natan users.

Not only that, this one hero will be very useful when in a war or teamfight situation because Natan acts as a damage dealer, this hero can slaughter all his enemies very easily.

4. Wanwan

Mm Hero Sick
Hero MM Sick Hero Wanwan

The next Painful MM hero is the hero Wanwan, a marksman famous for his agility and also his attack moves are very fast.

Wanwan is also one of your Marksman heroes, because this hero has been used a lot and of course because Wanwan is very agile and also has bad damage.

The speed of Wanwan’s attacks will increase with her very agile movements, making it difficult for all her enemies to deal with her.

Apart from that, Wanwan herself was still quite weak in the early game, but if you have got full items or at least core items then this hero can be very dangerous and you have to be careful.

As with other marksman heroes, Wanwan is very suitable to be placed on the Gold Lane so she can farm Gold quickly to be able to buy items.

Wanwan’s ultimate skill can be activated if the mark is full, even though it takes time to be able to activate the skill, but this skill is included in the overpowered skill because if you manage to get a kill Wanwan will continue to attack the closest enemy, as long as the skill is active Wanwan doesn’t will be counterattacked.

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5. Brody

Mm Hero Sick
Hero MM Hurts Hero Brody

Brody is also one of the sickest MM heroes in the Mobile Legends game, this hero has been very OP since the initial release even though he got nerfed several times but at this point the hero still has very bad damage from the attacks he has.

Hero Brody is a marksman with a fairly long attack range, even though his marksman attack can be said to be very slow, the damage from his basic attack is very painful.

This marksman has even been in power since he was in the game eraly, because the damage from basic attacks or skills is high, so it’s very easy for Brody to finish off opponents or enemies, especially when they have full items.

Even more unique, even though he is included in the Marksman hero, Brody is often used by ML players with Tank builds.

However, even using the Tank hero Brody build, he can still give a very painful damage effect to his enemies.

Brody is still very wort it to be used as a marksman hero if you want to push rank, even though at the moment it is underrated this hero is classified as very strong.

The final word

Those are some recommendations mmm hero is sick which we can provide for you to apply very easily, guys.

Maybe one of the several mm heroes above has a marksman hero that you often use when playing mobile legends games.

If you think the review that we have provided above is important, then don’t forget to help share this article as much as possible with your friends or relatives, guys.

Hopefully, with some of the marksman hero recommendations that we have provided, there is one that is suitable for you to use, that’s all and hopefully it will be useful for you and good luck, geez.

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