5 Painful Heroes in Mobile Legends 2023

Hero Tersakit Di Mobile Legends
The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends
For those of you who may be currently looking for recommendations the sickest hero in Mobile Legends means that you have entered the right article, because we have provided the discussion for you below.

Basically, there are lots of heroes that have been presented in this ML or Mobile Legends online game, which actually if you are used to it and are also an expert, of course all of these heroes can become your version of the best Mobile Legends hero.

For example, if you are a fan of heroes who have shot from a distance like the heroes Beatrix, Lesley, and Miya, of course, this is a marksman hero that has been specifically designed by Moonton, whose main task is to push the turrets first.

Usually noob beginners who are just getting to know or even playing Mobile Legends are very barbaric even though doing feeds is a big mistake.

The Mobile Legends game really needs an accurate strategy if you want to win a match.

In fact, team cohesiveness in reading maps or maps during a match is one of the keys to being able to win.

Apart from marksmen, fighter heroes are one of the heroes who are very suitable and reliable in an online battle in the Mobile Legends game.

What is your favorite Fighter hero? Is it X-borg that can emit fire, or maybe you like balmond who likes to pound the ground, or do you like Yuzhong who can turn into a flying dragon?

Whatever your favorite hero is, of course you know how to play it which will make you get the sickest Mobile Legends fighter hero.

If your position is hyper, then your main task is to do jungle, orange, purple Buff and even turtle elimination.

Because all of that will directly affect your team as a whole and also the demage of your deadly demage hero.

5 Painful Heroes in Mobile Legends 2023

For more details, you can just look at the recommendations for the sickest heroes in Mobile Legends that we have provided for you below.

1. Hilda-Fighter/Tank

The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends

The first Hero in Mobile Legends is Hilda, where Hilda’s hero is a hybrid tank fighter hero who has very strong damage by passively healing in the bushes.

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Because of these skills, Hilda’s hero is now one of the strongest heroes in the Mobile Legend game as well as a rather annoying hero.

This one hero is very effectively used to disrupt the opponent’s Core while in the jungle at the start of the game.

After being satisfied with disturbing the opponent, Hilda will immediately hide in the bushes and her cellphone or Health Point will also be thick again.

It will be very annoying if you face an enemy who uses Hilda, this one hero will be even more annoying after Moonton Revamped Hilda’s Dagame system.

Hilda’s stack will no longer depend on the number of kills, but through the number of hits that have been given to her opponent.

Weakness :

  • Requires correct timing.
  • Only effective in use against 1 vs 1.
  • No CC or Crowd Control skills.
  • The HP that is owned when becoming a Tank is not too big, because it relies heavily on its passive.

2. Akai – Tanks

The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends
Akai – Tanks

The second most painful hero in Mobile Legends is hero Akai, who, after revamping Akai’s strong tank hero, will become unstoppable.

Akai now has the old Crowd Control Skill and can stun his opponents for quite a long time.

This one hero will usually be considered a very real threat and be feared or avoided by the opposing team.

At this time, not only used as a Tank, Akai’s hero is also often used as a Core hero because of his agility and durability.

In addition to all that, Akai’s hero can also do jungling very quickly then move roaming to the upper or lower lane.

Very interesting isn’t it Akai at this point? At this point, Hero Akai has become a tire subscriber while doing a push rank.

Weakness :

  • It really depends on the skills it has.
  • Very weak against hero burst damage or Marksman.
  • It is very difficult to master Akai’s hero.
  • Akai’s ultimate skill can be stopped.

3. Ling – Assassin

The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends
Ling – Assassin

The third most painful hero in Mobile Legends is Assassin Ling, this hero has a very special skill, which is being able to jump from wall to wall.

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Of course, this is what ultimately makes Ling’s hero a very agile and very fast roaming hero.

The damage dealt by hero Ling is also quite large, with the passive skill that is Cloud walker and also Finch Poise, the Critical channel given by hero Ling is very large.

If this hero is against a hero with low HP like a Marksman or a mage, Ling’s direct attacks can make them not be fooled.

Ling also has an immune skill on his third skill, Tempets of Blades, when being attacked by many enemies and also crowd control, Link will quickly be able to escape by jumping into the air for 1.5 seconds.

Weakness :

  • Requires hand speed.
  • It consumes a lot of energy.
  • This hero is very dependent on the blue Buff.
  • It will be very difficult to master it.
  • His skills don’t have much CC

4. Esmeralda – Mage

The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends
Esmeralda – Mage

The next most hurt hero in Mobile Legends is the hero Esmeralda who is the most hated and well-liked figure in the line of mobile legends heroes.

The queen will appear with an iron hook attack which is usually attached to her very beautiful dress.

Even though it’s very beautiful, the skills and how to play the hero Esmeralda will increasingly show strength for those who can play quickly since the game era.

In this case, Esmeralda can survive even alone with her attacks that can regenerate her shield.

Not only that, what Esmeralda is most afraid of is her ability to produce natural skills up to 50% of her health.

Apart from that, the most powerful mobile legends hero can also absorb shields from opponents which will make their opponents very easy to conquer.

If there are opponents who don’t have heroes with stun abilities, it will be very difficult to stop Esmeralda who is dancing while dealing high damage.

Weakness :

  • Which is limited.
  • A constant skill with a very high calculation.
  • Will membitihn distance calculation.
  • Very dependent on the buff it has.

5. Chou – Tank/Fighter

The Painful Hero In Mobile Legends
Chou – Tank/Fighter
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The next Hero that hurts in Mobile Legends is the hero Chou, when talking about his initiation, Chou feels like he will appear as the most consistent and strong hero in Mobile Legends.

How could it not be, Chou’s hero can take on two positions at once, either as a fighter or as a tank.

The only thing that really doesn’t like about Chou’s hero is the use of his skill set which is very difficult to use.

At least you need very precise methods and rules before you can control Chou precisely and accurately.

By only looking at the movements given by the enemy, securing the war by attacking the carry first.

Not only that, Chou’s hero can also kick the mussel into a very advantageous position for the team.

Chou is the most powerful hero in Mobile Legends who is quite flexible because he can play the role of a fighter, tank or assassin.

Everything can be played depending on the tactics you use, you could say Chou has a fairly strong combination of skills.

Even Chou is often considered a hero with the best disabler effect, and also has a short cooldown, Chou’s Ult can be used again after 35 seconds.

Weakness :

  • Skills that require high calculations.
  • And also requires the name of the calculation of the distance.
  • Very dependent on friends.
  • Requires the name of your hand speed.
  • Damage and also armor that will adjust to the role.
  • It really depends on the skills it has.

The final word

Those are some recommendations sick hero in mobile legends which we can provide for you to use in the mobile legends game later.

You can use one of the several hero recommendations that we have provided above, use the hero that you think you can rely on the most.

If you think the review that we have provided above is important, then don’t forget to share it with your friends or relatives who don’t know about it.

Hopefully with some of the recommendations above you can make it as a reference, that’s it and hopefully it’s useful for you and good luck, gess.

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