5 Effective Ways to Remove Headset Marks on HP

5 Effective Ways To Remove Headset Marks On Hp

Indeed, many individuals desire to hear to the sound from their cellphone utilizing a headset reasonably than listening instantly.

But typically an issue arises if you end up not utilizing the headset, which is an indication that the headset doesn’t need to disappear from the HP notification bar.

For these of you who’re presently experiencing the same drawback, right here now we have ready a number of methods to take away the headset mark. But earlier than that, discover out what the trigger is.

Causes of Headset Signs Appearing on HP

The existence of an issue with the headset indicator that all the time seems despite the fact that you aren’t utilizing it may well happen for a number of causes. Among others are:

  • Dirty headset port
  • The headset you might be utilizing will not be supported
  • Broken headset port
  • There is a bug within the working system on HP

How to Remove the Unmissable HP Headset Mark

1. Reload HP

Restart Android

The finest manner easy to repair the signal that the headset will not go away is to restart your Android cellphone.

This technique may be very efficient for eradicating marks earphones if the reason for the issue lies within the working system experiencing an error or bugs.

How to do it is usually simple, listed here are a few of them:

  1. Just press and maintain the button Power a second in the past
  2. Then choose the choice Reboot or Restart
  3. After the HP turns on once more, strive to see if the icon headset nonetheless there or not
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2. Check Speaker Test

The subsequent manner is to run a check on the audio system and headset. You can do that by way of a particular check menu.

Checking the audio system and headset is aimed toward detecting whether or not there may be injury on this part that ends in the signal headset all the time seems.

Follow the steps under to do that:

Step 1: Open Settings Your Android cellphone.

Step 2: Open menu About Phone or About Phone.

Step 3: Search choices Kernel Versionplease press the choice a number of instances to enter the window to carry out the check.

Kernel Version Hp

Step 4: Choose Speaker Test and hear whether or not any sound comes out or not. If your cellphone is stereo, then do a verify for each audio system.

Android Test Speaker And Headset

Step 5: Connect the headset to the jack gap.

Step 6: Choose an choice Headset Testthen observe the prompts that seem and hear to the sound as nicely.

3. Use Disable Headphone, HDST Toggle

Disable Headphone is an software that permits you to set the audio output used.

So principally by utilizing this software, you may forcibly set that the audio output to be used is the speaker, not the headset.

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That manner, the headset icon within the high bar will disappear and the sound will come out of the speaker gap.

Step 1: Download app Disable Headphone, HDST Toggle by way of the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the applying.

Step 3: Allow all essential entry.

Step 4: Make positive you aren’t utilizing a headset.

Step 5: Tap choice Speaker.

Disable Android Headphones

4. Unplug the Headset


We ourselves have additionally skilled a number of instances the headset emblem drawback that will not go away, the way in which we do to take away the headset mark is to unplug it a number of instances.

This may have occurred due to bugs on the HP system that does not learn that the headset has really been eliminated.

So simply go fishing by reassembling headset then launch it once more. You can repeat this technique a number of instances till the icon earphones it disappeared.

5. Clean the Audio Jack Lubang

Audio Jack Hp

As we mentioned above that one of many causes is a unclean jack gap, whether or not it is a 3.5 audio jack gap or one which makes use of sort C and an adapter, all of them have the potential to be soiled.

To clear it, you need to use cotton bud, tissue, or cotton. To be extra leverage might be added with a drop of alcohol or eucalyptus oil.

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The manner to clear it, put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil or alcohol on it cotton bud, tissue, or cotton, as you utilize. Then slowly match the opening.

You may also clear elements jack from the headset that you’ve got in order that the outcomes might be maximized.

We recommend you flash it, however the danger is that each one inside knowledge can be misplaced. Do flashing if you understand how to do it, in the event you do not, simply ask a repairman to pay 50 thousand at most.

Those are some methods to eliminate the headset mark that does not need to be misplaced on an Android cellphone, hopefully it is helpful.

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