4 Ways to Get Indosat Free Quota, Easy and Safe

4 Ways To Get Indosat Free Quota, Easy And Safe

How to get free Indosat quota is a solution for Indosat card users who want to experience the internet without having to spend fund quota. Nowadays the presence of the internet network has become an important part for Indonesian people, especially for those who work and school.

People choose to buy data packages in various options provider which provides low-cost quota services. However, Indosat is not only cheap, but also offers free quota which can be accessed by all Indosat users.

Who would refuse free internet quota? If you also want to get Indosat’s free quota legally and safely, you should watch this review until it’s finished.

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How to Get Indosat Free Quota

How To Get Indosat Free Quota
How To Get Indosat Free Quota

How to get free Indosat quota is a question many users ask Indosat card. Based on what was launched by the Indosat application, namely myIM3 and website Indosat, that this method applies according to the terms and conditions set by Indosat.

You need to know, if Indosat does not continue this one program, then free quota you can no longer get. Here are some safe ways to get free quota from Indosat:

1. Redeem IMPoints

For owners of Indosat Ooredoo numbers, they can exchange points obtained from charging credit packages and postpaid bill payments. You can exchange IMPoin with a free quota of 3 GB which is valid for up to 7 days or 1 week by registering for the first time to IMPoin through the my IM3 application or dialing *999#.

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IMPoin itself has several types of classes, such as Red, Silver, Platinum and Gold. Following are the steps to exchange IMPoin on the myIM3 application:

  • Downloads myIM3 application in Play Store or App Store, then login by entering your Indosat number.
  • After that, click the Exchange Points menu.
  • Please select the type of reward in the Combo or Data section, then select internet quota and Exchange Now.

2. Provide Referral Code

The next way can be by giving code referrals For relatives who use IM3 Ooredoo, here are the steps:

  • Please open the MyIM3 application, then click menu Rewards.
  • After that click Member Get Member and select Invite Friends.
  • Later a referral code will appear to be distributed and click Share Code.

3. Via Dial Code

You can also get free Indosat quota by tapping dial code certain. Here are some dial codes you can try dialing on your phone.

  • Type *363*100# to get a quota of 14 GB.
  • Type *990*250*2*1# or *990*250*2*2# to get a quota of 5 GB.
  • Type *123*100*2# to get a quota of 4 GB.
  • Type *123*100*1# to get a quota of 1.4 GB.
  • Type *900*250*1*1# to get a quota of 500 MB.
  • Type *400*8# to get Instagram and Youtube quota for 1 week.

4. Free Quota Every Day (1 GB)

Card user Indosat You can also get a free quota of 1 GB every day. The method is quite easy, namely by calling *123#, then a menu option will appear, type the number 7 and select 1 GB quota. Once confirmed, you will get the quota.

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The final word

How to get free Indosat quota is an easy and safe way to be able to surf the internet happily without worrying internet quota runs out. Enjoy trying and enjoying lots of free quota from the card Indosat.

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