4 Ways to Check Axis Quota [Dial, SMS, Axis Net dan Online]


UnliHow4 Ways to Check Axis Quota [Dial, SMS, Axis Net dan Online]

How to check axis quota? Maybe it’s still a big question why many users of this sim card complain about the difficulty of checking the axis quota. In the internet world, quota is one of the basic needs.

Without a quota, your cellphone will feel very lonely. Quotas are like food that must be given to the cellphone. Both Android and IOS phones. All smartphones today require an internet package to access online services.

Be it streaming videos, YouTube, social media like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Along with the development of technology, many providers prioritize checking quotas.

Because every time you check you can see information on remaining data quota, credit, active period of quota / credit and your mobile number. Therefore you need a way to check the rest of the internet axis.

Axis is a sim card service provider that can be used to surf the internet. Apparently, the method of checking the remaining Axis internet data packages is almost the same as checking the XL quota. Curious to see a tutorial on how to check Axis internet package?

How to Check Axis Card Quota

How To View Axis Internet Data Package

Quotas are often used by some people to read news, social media and so on. In addition, the quota can be used to download a file from the internet.

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If you often use quotas in these daily activities. So it’s appropriate for you to check your quota at any time to see the remaining quota as well as remind you to refill immediately if it starts to run out.

Super 4G LTE and 3G services, you will get internet packages such as Bronet, Hitz, Algo and so on. Checking the axis quota, thelastsurvivors.org can provide an explanation through the following review.

1. Check Axis Data Via Dial Phone

The first step in checking the remaining Axis internet packages is to use a dial phone. So, here you only use the phone’s default Phone menu, here’s the tutorial.

How To Check Internet Axis Via Dial Phone
  • First of all, please open the application called Phone on your respective smartphone.
  • Once open, a number dialpad will appear.
  • Enter code *123#.
  • Then press call or OK.
  • A dialog box appears, select number 7 (My Info).
  • Choose number 3 (Check Quota).
  • Choose according to the package you are using.

After that, the operator will confirm in the form of SMS or short message. Open the SMS, the remaining quota will be displayed as well as number info and the active period of the quota.

2. How to Check Axis Packages via SMS

The next way to use the default application is also called Messaging. You can check your quota via an SMS message code. You can see this message as follows.

How To See Internet Package Via Sms
  • The first time you have to open an application called Messaging on each cell phone.
  • Second, select Create new message.
  • Then enter the operator number to check the axis quota.
  • Also enter the following message format: Quota.
  • Press the button Send.
  • Automatically will be replied with information on your remaining quota.
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This step does not require payment of pulses alias free. So, make sure you always check your axis pulse after checking your quota. The steps above will provide information in the form of the package you are using and the rest.

3. Check Axis Quota With Application

This third method is very easy because you are facilitated by an application service from axis. You can download this app on google play store for android and appstore for ios.

Check The Data Package Via The Application
  • First, you have to download the application first Axis Net on google playstore or appstore.
  • Run the application once installed.
  • If you are a new user, then please register using the sim card number on your cellphone.
  • An OTP code will be sent via SMS message.
  • Enter the code into the application.
  • Then you will be taken to the main page Axis Net.

In the application you can purchase packages, register for cheap internet packages, check remaining quota and credit along with the active period of the card, credit and quota as well.

4. How to View Axis Quota Online

Check Axis Package Online

Not only using cellphones, it turns out that axis also has interesting services that you can use to view axis quotas.

The service is called online axis quota check in the form of an official website. To access this service you must login using an axis account. Then go to the my.axisnet.id page (Website cannot be accessed).

After logging in, click login in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter your axis account, then you will automatically be asked to confirm the OTP code.

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Enter the OTP code in the form of the 6-digit number, then you will be taken to the main page. There you are free to do whatever you want, you can see activities, buy packages, top up credit, share credit and so on.

So that’s how to check the axis card internet data package, after you’ve seen the tutorial above, it’s time for you to check regularly. Useful to remind you to immediately top up your axis quota.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about 4 Ways to Check Axis Quota [Dial, SMS, Axis Net dan Online]

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