3 Ways to Make Your Own Movie Subtitles on PC and Android Phones

Cara Membuat Subtitle

Subtitles have an essential function if you end up watching a film in a overseas language. However, have you ever ever considered how to make subtitles to your personal films or movies? Especially for films that do not have subtitles.

Anyone can really make their very own subtitles of their films or movies. Because the way in which to make it is vitally simple and you possibly can even attempt it on a laptop computer or android telephone solely.

Have you ever watched a video or movie in a overseas language, but it surely seems that the movie does not have Indonesian subtitles in it? Actually you possibly can go to the Indonesian subtitle obtain website, however what if it isn’t obtainable too? It have to be actually annoying.

Knowing how to make your personal subtitles will certainly provide help to a bit to give Indonesian subtitles to the films/movies you need. Here’s how one can attempt to make subtitles.

How to Make Subtitles on a Laptop / PC

There are 2 methods to make film subtitles that you simply normally attempt on your pc or laptop computer. The first is that you would be able to make your personal sub with out software program, then the second is with the assistance of software program.

For extra particulars, you possibly can learn the next rationalization under.


How To Make Sub Indo

Notepad is a default Windows software, so each pc or laptop computer will need to have this notepad software. Notepad may also be used as a video subtitle maker.

How to? Here’s how to make a film subtitle that does not have subtitles:

  1. Open notepad then sort the number one within the first line.
  2. Press Enter to create a brand new line.
  3. Below that enter the time the subtitle begins and ends within the format hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds. Example: 00:00:30,000
  4. Press Enter for a brand new line and enter the subtitle slightly below the time format.
  5. Repeat in succession to proceed with the following subtitle.

Note: To make it simpler and extra correct, sort the subtitle by watching the film or video as properly. Also present one line separation for continued subtitles to make it extra tidy.

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After you’ve got succeeded in making your personal subtitles utilizing the notepad methodology above, save the file in .srt format and UTF-8 encoding. You can instantly insert the subtitle that you simply made into the video by sliding it or altering the subtitle identify.


The subsequent approach to make your personal subtitles for films and movies is to use the assistance of aegisub software program. Unlike notepad, this software is ready to present subtitle results comparable to colour and font form simply.

This software you should use totally free and is kind of gentle to use on a laptop computer. There you possibly can select the font, colour, dimension, format of the subtitles that you’ll create. This software additionally offers a preview so you’ll not expertise errors within the course of of constructing subtitles.

If you need to attempt aegisub as a subtitle maker to your films or movies, this is how to make your personal subtitles utilizing Aegisub:

1. Open Videos

How To Make Subtitles On Pc

Open the Aegisub software program then click on the Video menu > Open Video. Then choose the video you need to make subtitles for.

Don’t neglect to embrace audio from the video to make it simpler to make subtitles. Just click on on the Audio menu > Open Audio from Video.

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2. Setting Display

How To Set Subtitle Font

Next is the place you possibly can set the show colour, dimension, font fashion of the subtitles. You can modify the subtitles freely, however be certain that they’re extra comfy to learn.

Just click on the subtitle menu and choose Styles Manager. There you will notice choices to simply modify the font show.

3. Type Subtitle

How To Make Subtitles In Aegisub

The subsequent step is to sort within the subtitles to your video. To enter subtitles, merely go to the Audio field menu.

To show two traces of textual content in a single subtitle, you will need to enter N as subtitle line separator. When completed, press Enter or button Commit to put it aside straight away.

Make positive you set the subtitle place accurately. Convenience in studying subtitles in films or movies is a crucial level.

4. Save Subtitle

The final stage is after all you’ve got to save the ultimate results of making your personal subtitle. The methodology is kind of simple, just by clicking the File menu > Save Subtitle or instantly urgent CTRL + S on the keyboard.

The subtitle format produced by aegisub can be utilized for any video media participant. You may even insert subtitles from aegisub into movies on YouTube.

How to Make Subtitles on Android

How To Make Subtitles On Android Phone

Generally, individuals make their very own Indonesian subtitles utilizing a pc or laptop computer. But it seems that there’s an software for Android telephones that you should use as a approach to simply make subtitles.

This software is highly effective sufficient to make subtitles in movies or films that you’ll watch on Android. In addition, this software also can change the ugly subtitles to be in concord with the video.

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Here’s how to make your personal subtitles on an Android telephone:

  1. First, set up the app Easy Subtitles through Playstore.
  2. Open the appliance that you’ve put in.
  3. Enter the video you need to edit or add subtitles.
  4. You can instantly modify the subtitles in accordance to your needs.
  5. Done.

How to Translate Foreign Language Subtitle

After you already understand how to make your personal subtitles to your movies or films, the following step is how to translate subtitles from overseas languages.

Have you ever looked for subtitles for a film, however the one ones obtainable had been English subtitles or different overseas languages? You can use the characteristic of Google Translate to simply translate subtitles from totally different languages.

Want to study English fluently and rapidly? Here’s an software to study English on Android that it’s best to attempt.

Follow these steps under:

  1. Look for subtitles in overseas languages ​​first.
  2. Open the subtitle file utilizing notepad.
  3. Copy all of the contents of the textual content within the subtitle.
  4. Translate the textual content in Google Translate Indonesia.
  5. Create a brand new notepad file and then copy and paste the interpretation.
  6. Save it in .srt format and UTF-8 encoding.

That’s the article on how to make your personal film and video subtitles utilizing notepad, aegisub, and purposes on an android telephone. You can select which methodology is best for you.

The most essential factor is to ensure you make film subtitles with good language and supreme placement of subtitles to get comfy when watching films or movies.

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