3 Ways to Fix the Always Wrong Time and Date in Windows 10

3 Ways To Fix The Always Wrong Time And Date In Windows 10

When you flip in your laptop/laptop computer, you see the time and date on the taskbar. Strangely, the time doesn’t match the precise time.


There are a number of the explanation why the clock and date in Windows 10 are all the time unsuitable even after fixing them. Here are some ideas to repair it.

#1 Activate the time zone and computerized clock options

Set Time Automatically 3 How To Fix Always Wrong Time And Date In Windows 10 1 Set Time Automatically

Windows 10 is supplied with a characteristic to detect the time zone primarily based on the system’s location. This methodology is extra sensible and extra correct as a result of it’s set mechanically.

  1. Click the clock and date space on the taskbar
  2. Click Date and time settings
  3. Enable choice Set time mechanically
  4. Enable choice Set time zone mechanically
  5. Done

If the detected time zone is inaccurate, please deactivate the characteristic then choose the applicable one. In Indonesia there are three time zones; WIB (UTC+7), WITA (UTC+8), and WIT (UTC+9).

#2 Synchronize the clock with the web

Synchronize Your Clock 3 Ways To Fix Wrong Time And Date In Windows 10 2 Synchronize Your Clock

Synchronization with the web ensures that the clock in your system is suitable with world timepieces. Because a distinction of just some seconds can disrupt some companies.

  1. Click the clock and date space on the taskbar
  2. Click Date and time settings
  3. Click Sync now
  4. Done
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If setting #1 is energetic, often Windows 10 will mechanically sync periodically.

#3 Replace the CMOS battery with a brand new one


The CMOS battery is on the motherboard the place one in all its duties is to retailer time info even when the laptop/laptop computer is turned off. Usually, after a number of years these batteries ought to be changed with new ones.

This course of includes disassembling laptop parts. If you do not know how, bringing your laptop/laptop computer to a restore store is usually a answer.

Replacing a CMOS battery often would not take lengthy and is comparatively cheap. Once changed, please reset the clock in Windows 10 with steps #1 and #2 described above.

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