3 Easy Ways to Cloning a Hard Drive to Another HDD/SSD


PC/Laptop gadgets will need to have storage {hardware} referred to as a arduous drive. Of course the arduous drive shouldn’t be merely intact, it should be divided into components (Partition).

Generally, the arduous disk partition is split into 2 or 3 components in order to produce a C, D and even D drive. This partition serves to separate the working system (OS) partition and storage for essential information.

The arduous disk on Drive C is often typically formatted as a result of PC/Laptop customers need to reinstall the OS. The hope is that disk partition C has extra space and could be full of extra information.

In addition, there are additionally laptop customers who need to transfer their arduous drives from arduous drives to SSDs, for instance. Of course, changing the SSD requires you to reinstall.

But there are different methods you are able to do, certainly one of which is to backup utilizing a arduous disk cloning methodology.

Why Should You Clone Hard Drive?

Cloning or duplicating is in fact completely different from copying and pasting information from an previous arduous drive to a new one. Because the cloning course of should be carried out with the assistance of a particular cloning software.

These purposes embrace HDClone, Norton Ghost, XXClone, MiniTool Partition Wizard, EaseUS and AOMEI. The above software is particularly for Windows solely, so for MacBooks you should utilize different purposes akin to SuperDuper.

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Given time constraints, we solely present a few methods of cloning utilizing among the purposes above. More particularly, this is how:

How to clone a arduous drive on a PC / Laptop

Before beginning cloning, be sure you have the next instruments and supplies:

Hard disk / SSD Cloning App
USB cable, SATA / IDE Internet

1. Use AOMEI

AOMEI is a arduous disk cloning software program that’s most frequently utilized by Windows customers. Because this software program appears to be like very pleasant and navigation is straightforward for abnormal individuals.

That’s why we put AOMEI in step one to be able to instantly clone your arduous drive shortly and with none trouble. For that, under are the steps:

Step #1: Download the AOMEI Backupper software program and set up it on Windows

Step #2: Enter the menu Clone then choose menu Clone Disk

Open Aomei Clone Disk Menu

Step #3: Choose Source Disk then choose Destination Disk which has been ready

Step #4: Click Next, then click on OK on the popup that seems

Select Yes To Format Destination Disk

Step #5: In the Operation Summary window, make it possible for the Source Disk with the Destination Disk is right then press the button Start Clone

Start Clone Aomei

The cloning course of takes time relying on the contents of the arduous drive. If it is simply a little, the cloning can be quicker than a lot of content material.

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2. Take benefit of EaseUS

What is EaseUS? EaseUS is a sort of cloning software that’s specifically made for duplicating drives on a laptop/laptop computer.

This software’s predominant operate is precisely the identical as AOMEI, it is simply that EaseUS has a smaller file dimension and makes it lighter.

We additionally typically use EaseUS to backup and clone a disk. Here we offer a description of the steps for cloning HDD by way of EaseUS:

  • Download EaseUS at easeus.com/obtain/tbf-download.html
  • Run the EaseUS Todo Backup app
  • Click on menu Clone
  • Select the Windows 10 System partition (C: (NTFS), then click on Next
Select Windows 10 Easeus System Partition
  • Next choose the cloning vacation spot arduous drive, choose External if utilizing further HDD
  • After that click on Advanced Optionsverify each choices, particularly Optimize for SSD and Sector by Sector Clone then press Proceed
Click Advanced Options Easeus
  • Later Waning seems, press Yes to format
  • Finally, watch for the cloning course of to end

3. Via MiniTool Partition Wizard

In this case, we don’t present steps to clone HDD. The purpose is as a result of the steps above are enough to signify all of the context in regards to the arduous drive.

In this third step, the case is utilizing a flash disk, so how to clone a Flashdisk utilizing the Minitool Partition Wizard is as follows:

Notes: Make positive you’ve got downloaded and put in the MiniTool Partition Wizard software. Besides that, this information is to your illustration solely, so there are some elements that aren’t the identical, sure.


  • Disc 2: Cloning vacation spot disk
  • Disc 3: Clone supply disk
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Step #1: Open MiniTool Partition Wizard app

Step #2: Choose Disc 3 then click on choice Copy Disk and click on Next within the Copy Disk Wizard window

Click The Copy Disk Minitool Partition Wizard Option

Step #3: Select the disk you need to copy, right here we choose Disk 3 after which press the button Next


Step #4: Menu seems Select Target Diskchoose Disk 2 because the vacation spot disk, then click on Next

Select Target Disk Minitool Partition Wizard

Step #5: In Copy Options, choose Fit Partitions to Entire Disk and others simply depart the default then press Next

Select Fit Partitions To Entire Disk Minitool Partition Wizard

Step #6: If you’ve got, simply click on Apply and click on Yes to begin the Copy Disk course of

Click Apply And Click Yes To Start Clone - Minitool Partition Wizard

Step #7: Flashdisk that has been efficiently cloned will show a popup notification that claims “Successful, Applied all the pending changes successfully”.

Popup Notification Successful - Minitool Partition Wizard

Even although the clone methodology is completely different, your predominant objective is to clone an OS disk or information on the arduous disk, proper. Well, if the strategy of cloning a PC/Laptop arduous drive above is beneficial, you possibly can share This dialogue is in your social media.

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