20+ Isuzu BUSSID Truck Mods (Giga, Polos, NKR, Tarpaulin, Dump)

20+ Isuzu Bussid Truck Mods (Giga, Polos, Nkr, Tarpaulin, Dump)

The Isuzu NMR 71 truck is one of the heavy vehicles commonly used to transport goods. From heavy loads to light ones.

The distinctive feature of this Isuzu NMR 71 truck is the appearance of a triangular / square tarpaulin whose function is to protect goods. Interestingly, now the Isuzu NMR 71 truck is also in the BUSSID game in the form of a mod.

For those who want to use the Isuzu mod truck in the BUSSID game, go ahead downloads file in this article.

Isuzu NMR 71 Truck Review

The Isuzu NMR 71 truck is a public vehicle that is known for being strong and resilient. Even so, when I started driving this Isuzu truck it was very stable and quite fast you know.

One thing that is interesting besides its speed, this truck also has a different appearance from other types of trucks. For example, there are various gayor loads, heavy equipment towing, palm oil loads, and others.

Plus there are several unique features that are rarely found in other BUSSID mods. So in our opinion, this Isuzu NMR 71 truck is a must for you to try.

Isuzu NMR 71 Mod Truck Features

Talking about features, indeed every mod in the BUSSID game is different depending on the type of vehicle. The same goes for the Isuzu NMR 71 truck.

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If you want to know what are the features of the Isuzu NMR 71 mod truck, just look below:

  • Realistic exterior and interior design
  • There are livery in several mods
  • Wiper or glass cleaner can be activated
  • Full strobe twinkling and under lights
  • There is an active GPS
  • Full animation
  • Radio can be activated to play music

Download the Isuzu NMR71 BUSSID Truck Mod giga

So, if you’re interested, you can go ahead downloads Isuzu NMR 71 mod truck. As usual, we also provide several mods for these vehicles.

Where are all the mods that we provide you can downloads for free and without password. Apart from that, some mods also have livery that you can install if you get bored with the original design.

Here are some Isuzu NMR 71 BUSSID truck mods that you can downloads:

1. NMR71 Towing Load Combine Truck

Nmr71 Towing Sulawesi Load Combine

2. Isuzu NMR71 Towing Fierce Boss

Isuzu Nmr71 Towing Fierce Boss

3. NMR71 Bring the Brewog Sound System

Nmr71 Transport Sound Audio Brewog

4. Mod Isuzu NMR71 Sumatra

Mod Isuzu Nmr71 Sumatra

5. Isuzu NMR71 Kalimantan Wood Tub

Truck Isuzu Nmr71 Kalimantan Wood Body

6. Truck Isuzu NMR71 Levis Gayor Sulawesi

Truck Nmr71 Levis Gayor Sulawesi

7. Isuzu NMR Sweetboy M18 truck

Isuzu Nmr Sweetboy M18 Truck

8. Mod Isuzu Nmr New Qinasih Chameleon

Mod Isuzu Nmr New Qinasih Chameleon

9. Truck Isuzu NKR Medina Tarpaulin Gayor

Truck Isuzu Nkr Medina Tarpaulin Gayor

10. Isuzu NKR Towing Transport Beko & Canter

Isuzu Nkr Towing Transport Beko & Canter

11. Truck Isuzu Avantex BJM Group

Truck Isuzu Avantex Bjm Group

12. Truck NKR66 Loaded with Sengon Wood

Truck Nmr66 Loaded With Sengon Wood

13. NMR71 Mbois High Wood Load

Mod Truck Nmr71 Mbois Loads Of Wood

14. Mod Truck NKR by PO 3 Polos

Mod Truck Nkr By Po 3

15. BUSSID NMR Truck Mod Loads Palm Oil

Isuzu Nkr 71 Bring Palm

16. BUSSID Isuzu Water Tank Truck

Bussid Isuzu Water Tank Truck

17. Standard NMR Dump BUSSID Truck Mod

Standard Nmr Dump Bussid Truck Mod

18. Isuzu Giga Wings Box Long Chassis BUSSID

Isuzu Giga Wings Box

19. NMR Beautiful Mbois

Nmr Beautiful Mbois

20. EU8 Giga FVZ mod like Split

Mod Eu8 Giga Fvz Split Body

So, those are some of the BUSSID mods from the Isuzu NMR71 truck that you can get downloads. If there is any link which can not be in downloadsyou can tell us through the comments column, yes, so we can fix it immediately.

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