2 Ways to Overcome HP Pressing Yourself in Your Pocket Without Applications and Easily

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I’ll share a tutorial on how to take care of a cellular phone urgent itself in your trouser pocket.

Here, you need to usually expertise cellphones sliding by themselves and typing by themselves when they’re put in your trouser pocket, proper? it is pure how come it is simply our little mistake.

Usually, the cellphone presses itself in the pocket attributable to motion once we stroll, which subconsciously presses this button and that. To overcome this, the strategy could be very simple, that’s, you simply have to flip off the cellphone display screen earlier than placing the cellphone in your trouser pocket.

But not everybody will keep in mind to flip off the cellphone display screen or lock the cellphone when they need to put it in their pocket.

Therefore each cellphone has a Pocket Mode characteristic that’s used to resolve this downside.

And here is how to take care of the HP urgent itself in the pocket.

How to Overcome HP Pressing Yourself By Activating Pocket Mode

To forestall the cellphone from shifting and sliding itself, we want to activate pocket mode. We know for ourselves that if you happen to put your cellphone in your pocket, you usually press random buttons, so in my case I even referred to as folks with out my information.

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And here is an answer to coping with the HP urgent itself when it is put in your pocket.

  1. Go to Menus Settings / Settings MOBILE PHONE.
  2. After that search and choose the menu Lock Screen / Lock Screen.
  3. Next keep activate Pocket Mode or Pocket Mode.
  4. Finished.
  5. Now each time the cellphone is put in the pocket it is going to flip off the display screen itself.

Turn Off Feature Double Tap To Turn Off Screen And Wake Up Screen

The purpose the cellphone usually presses and slides itself in the Pocket is that you’ve got activated the 2x faucet mode to wake and flip off the display screen.

Unknowingly, if we put it in our pocket, there may be friction which might trigger the HP lock display screen to get up or the cellphone to reactivate and may cause the cellphone to press itself.

For this purpose, instantly disable this characteristic, and here is how to take care of a cellular phone urgent itself in your pocket by turning off the wake characteristic twice.

  1. Go to Menus Settings MOBILE PHONE.
  2. Select a menu Lock Screen.
  3. Then flip off the menu named “Double faucet to get up or flip off display screen”.
    Turn Off Double Tap Lock Screen To Fix Cell Phone Push Itself In Pocket
  4. Congratulations, the characteristic has been deactivated and now there can be no self-pushing in the pocket.
  5. Finished.
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So, I believe that is the way in which to take care of a cellular phone urgent itself when it is put in your trouser pocket.

After seeing the 2 strategies above, it is also a good suggestion to all the time flip off your cellphone display screen first earlier than placing it in your pants to keep away from friction and motion of your energetic cellphone display screen.

Good luck and hopefully this can be an answer for you. If you will have questions or additions, you’ll be able to remark beneath.

Thank You.

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