2 Ways to Make Small Letters on Android Easy Without APK

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will give a tutorial on how to make small letters above letters on Android.

As we know the small print above the text is usually for exponential numbers. But not only that, you can also write small text on top of other text in the alphabet as you wish.

Small writing above a letter is also called Superscript and writing under a letter is called Subscript.

This text or small letters above capital letters is usually used to create a nickname or username for a game such as Free Fire or Mobile Legend.

For more details, here’s how to easily make small letters above Android letters without additional applications.

How to Make Small Letters Above Letters Without an Android Application

To make small text on top of other letters you can use superscript type writing. In the world of technology, you can use this small form of text even on a computer or cellphone platform.

And here’s how to make lowercase letters on top of uppercase letters without an application easily and without being complicated.

  1. Open a browser on your Android phone like Google Chrome.
  2. Visit the named site Superscript Generator.
  3. Then type the word or writing that will be made a small version above the letters.
  4. So copy results that have become small.
    Select And Copy The Small Letters Above The Letters In The Superscript Generator
  5. Next stay paste wherever you want to write a message. For example on WhatsApp or other social media.
  6. Finished.
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Make Small Letters Over Big Text on Android With a Keyboard App

If you don’t want to bother opening the browser repeatedly, you can use a keyboard application that has a superscript font or typeface.

Before that, make sure you install an application called FancyKey Keyboard.

[appbox googleplay com.pinssible.fancykey.gifkeyboard&hl=in]

After that, follow the method below to easily make lowercase letters above uppercase letters on your Android.

  1. Open FancyKey Keyboard Application.
  2. Enable the FancyKey keyboard.
  3. Switch to FancyKey Keyboard.
  4. Open the messaging app or WhatsApp.
  5. Select on Type Message.
  6. Click F symbol on the keyboard.
    Select The F Symbol To Replace The Small Font
  7. Next select menu Cool Fonts.
    Select The Cool Font Menu
  8. Select a named font girls only.
    Select A Small Font Above The Text Named Only Girl
  9. Then return to typing and then type the message as needed.
    How To Make Small Letters Above Letters On Android
  10. If you want to add a normal font to plain letters, select it normal fonts usually in symbols F.
  11. Finished.


That’s how to write small letters over normal letters easily on Android.

You can use a website called superscript generator or use the KeyFancy application to select the small font above.

That’s all I hope it helps and is useful to you. Now your Free Fire or Mobile Legend game username can be cooler.

Good luck and useful, thank you.

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