2 Ways to Find Easy Instagram Backsound Songs

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will tell you tips and tricks on how to easily find out the backsound for Instagram songs.

Surely we have heard the backsound of the song in the Instagram video and would love to know the title of the song.

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But it’s not often that Instagram posts will always include the band name and song title in the caption. And of course we will never know the backsound of the song.

So here I will provide several ways to find out the song title or backsound on Instagram.

How to Know Instagram Song Backsound With Shazam

Knowing The Instagram Song Backsound With Shazam

The first way we need the help of an application called Shazam which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and the App Store. After it’s installed, here’s how to find out the backsound of the song with this application.

  1. First open the application Shazam.
  2. Allow all permissions for Shazams.
  3. Then exit the Shazam application.
  4. Make sure the Shazam App icon is Floating (Tap On Notifications).
  5. Open Instagram and select the video post in question.
  6. Press the button Shazams icon while playing Instagram video post.
  7. Will appear and know the title of the backsound you want.
  8. Finished.
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How to find out the background song on Instagram by commenting

If the Instagram post caption doesn’t display the title of the backsound song, then the method we can use next is to comment on the Instagram post which contains questions about the song title and band name from the backsound of the Instagram video post.

One of the netizens or other Instagram users or the account itself will definitely reply to your comments.


That’s how to find out the song title or backsound from an Instagram post, if you can’t find it then maybe the song isn’t available on the internet or it could be a creation of a related account that hasn’t been published yet. For that, don’t hesitate to always ask on the internet.

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