2 Ways to Easily Make Zig Zag Numbers in Word

Rifqiy Hamid

On this event, I’ll present a tutorial on how to make zig zag phrase numbers, aka alternate intervals.

Often we make attendance lists or attendance lists for sure occasions, each in faculty and village organizations.

In an absence or attendance listing, there have to be a quantity part, and normally the quantity signal is separated in a zig zag method in order that it’s simple to learn.

To make it isn’t troublesome as a result of it may be completed mechanically and might use a number of methods.

Here are extra particulars about making zig zag or alternating numbers in Microsoft Word.

Create Zig Zag numbers With Automatic Numbering in Word

First, we will make it by using the automated numbering characteristic in Microsoft Word.

Make a desk first with columns and rows in accordance to wants. After that, here is how to make zig zag numbers in phrase.

  1. Hover over the primary numbered column.
  2. Then choose the menu numbering library.
    Select Word Auto Numbering
  3. After that, choose the quantity with the dot.
  4. Do the identical for column and row quantity 2.
  5. After deciding on that column and copying (CTRL + C) 2 rows together with the empty column that has been numbered with the numbering library.
    Copy Lines 1 And 2
  6. Next, choose the remaining rows under which might be empty.
    Selection And Paste Ctrl V To Create A Zig Zag Signature
  7. Finally hit paste (CTRL + V).
  8. Done, have made alternating numbers of 2 zig zag columns in phrase.
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How to Make Alternate Numbers in Word

We may use the alignment button to prepare the numbers to allow them to zig zag or alternate.

This methodology if you don’t need to use 2 columns, sure, so only one column is sufficient however you’ll be able to alternate serial numbers.

Here’s how.

  1. Enter numbering for numbers 1 and 2 by deciding on the house button > numbering library > choose a quantity.
  2. Select the primary line then change the textual content alignment to left / to the left by urgent CTRL + L .
  3. Select the second line then change the textual content alignment to heart by urgent CTRL E.
  4. Then copy strains 1 and 2.
  5. Select the remaining rows in the desk.
  6. Finally press paste (CTRL + V)
  7. After that, the numbers are in sequence and zig zag or intermittent.


So, I feel that is how the zig zag numbers in Word will be simply alternated.

Good luck and I hope this methodology works.

If that does not work, you are able to do this in Microsoft Excel after which copy the desk to Word.

Thank you, you probably have any recommendations or additions, you’ll be able to remark under.

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