120+ Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

120+ Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

One of the most well-liked picture modifying packages so far is Adobe Photoshop. Most folks, together with photographers, designers, promoting corporations, and laptop customers, use Photoshop to edit numerous photos, create results, or manipulate any picture.

This bitmap-based modifying software program presents a wide range of results and instruments to help your modifying wants. Examples embody the crop software, which lets you seize or crop areas of a drawing or drawing, after which there’s the Lasso software, which lets you make alternatives whereas drawing patterns freehand.

It would not all the time use all of Adobe Photoshop’s instruments. But it is going to be higher for those who perceive all of the options of Adobe Photoshop instruments. You must also study Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to hurry up the modifying course of. Why is that this vital?

Because by studying Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, you possibly can entry instruments extra rapidly with out having to manually discover or click on on instruments. Many designers and editors additionally advocate the identical, you will need to study keyboard shortcuts.

Using shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop can velocity up instructions when modifying photos. In common, hotkeys are shorter key shortcuts that can be utilized to set off motion strategies with instructions.

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Users of Adobe Photoshop or different modifying software program will discover utilizing shortcuts very helpful of their work. Besides saving time, keyboard shortcuts additionally allow you to edit your pictures to make them extra refined and artistic.

Especially for those who perceive and bear in mind the Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, you’ll grow to be more proficient at creating or modifying artistic designs. Tool shortcuts in Photoshop are divided into two sorts specifically single button and mixture button. Here is an inventory of Adobe Photoshop keyboards you possibly can study.

Tool Shortcuts

Shortcuts Tools
M Rectangular Marquee Tool
M Elliptical Marquee Tool
V Move Tool
L Lasso Tool
L Polygonal Lasso Tool
L Magnetic Lasso Tool
W Magic Wand Tool
C Crop Tool
Okay Slice Tool
Okay Slice Select Tool
J Spot Healing Brush Tool
J Healing Brush Tool
J Patch Tool
J Red Eye Tool
B Brush Tool
B Pencil Tool
B Color Replacement Tool
S Clone Stamp Tool
S Pattern Stamp Tool
Y History Brush Tool
Y Art History Brush
E Eraser Tool
E Background Eraser Tool
E Magic Eraser Tool
G Gradient Tool
G Paint Bucket Tool
R Blur Tool
R Sharpen Tool
R Smudge Tool
O Dodge Tool
O Burn Tools
O Sponge Tool
A Path Selection Tool
A Direct Selection Tool
Q Horizontal Type Tool
Q Vertical Type Tool
Q Horizontal Type Mask Tool
Q Vertical Type Mask Tool
P Pen Tool
P Freeform Pen Tool
u Rectangle Tool
u Rounded Rectangle Tool
u Ellipse Tool
u Polygon Tool
u Line Tool
u Custom Shape Tool
N Note Tool
N Audio Annotation Tool
I Eyedropper Tool
I Color Sampler Tool
I Measure Tool
H Hand Tools
Z ZoomTool
D Default Foreground/Background Colors
X Switch Foreground/Background Colors
Q Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes
F Toggle Screen Modes
/ Toggle Preserve Transparency
[ Decrease Brush Size
] Increase Brush Size
{ Decrease Brush Hardness
} Increase Brush Hardness
, Previous Brush
. SubsequentBrushes
> Last Brush

File Shortcuts

Shortcuts Options
Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+O open
Alt+Ctrl+O Shift+Ctrl+O Browse
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O Open Ace
Shift+Ctrl+M Edit in ImageReady
Ctrl+W Close file in Photoshop
Alt+Ctrl+W Close All
Shift+Ctrl+W Close and Go To Bridge
Ctrl+S Save a file in Photoshop
Shift+Ctrl+S Alt+Ctrl+S Save As

Shortcut Save (Save)

Shortcuts Options
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S Save for Web
F12 Revert
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I Infofiles
Shift+Ctrl+P Page Setup
Alt+Ctrl+P Print with Preview in Photoshop
Ctrl+P Print
Alt Shift Ctrl P Print One Copy in Photoshop

Edit Shortcuts (Edit)

Shortcuts Options
Ctrl+Z Undo/Redo in Photoshop
Shift+Ctrl+Z Step Forward in Photoshop
Alt+Ctrl+Z Backwards
Shift+Ctrl+F Fade
Ctrl+X+F2 minimize
Ctrl+C+F3 Copy
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy Merged
Ctrl+V F4 Paste
Shift+Ctrl+V Paste Into
Shift+F5 Fill
Ctrl+T Free Transform in Photoshop
Ctrl+Y Proof Colors
Shift+Ctrl+Y Gamut Warning
Ctrl++ Ctrl+= Zoom In
Ctrl+- Zoom Out
Ctrl+0 Fit on Screen
Alt+Ctrl+0 Actual Pixels
Ctrl+H Extras
Shift+Ctrl+Z Step Forward (Photoshop History)
Alt+Ctrl+Z Step Back (Photoshop History)
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F New Frame (Photoshop Animation)
Ctrl+Okay General (Shortcut Preferences)
Ctrl+Q Exit

Transform Shortcuts

Shortcuts Options
Shift+Ctrl+T once more
Shift+Ctrl+Okay Color Settings
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Okay Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M Menus

Shortcut Adjustments

Shortcuts Options
Ctrl+L Levels
Shift+Ctrl+L Auto Levels
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L Auto Contrast in Photoshop
Shift+Ctrl+B Auto Color
Ctrl+M Curves
Ctrl+B ColorStability
Ctrl+U Hues/Saturation
Shift+Ctrl+U Desaturate
Alt+Ctrl+I PictureSize
Alt+Ctrl+C Canvas Size in Photoshop

Layer Shortcuts

Shortcuts Options
Shift+Ctrl+N Layers
Ctrl+J Layers through Copy
Shift+Ctrl+J Layers through Cut
Alt+Ctrl+G Create/Release Clipping Masks
Ctrl+G Group Layers
Shift+Ctrl+G Ungroup Layers in Photoshop
Shift Ctrl ] Bring it to Front in Photoshop
Ctrl+] Bring Forwards
Ctrl+[ Send Backward
Shft+Ctrl+[ Send to Back
Ctrl+E Merge Layers
Shft+Ctrl+E Merge Visible in Photoshop

Shortcut Select

Shortcut Options
Ctrl+A All
Ctrl+D Deselect
Shft+Ctrl+D Reselect
Shft+Ctrl+I Shft+F7 Inverse
Alt+Ctrl+A All Layers
Alt+Ctrl+D Shft+F6 Feather

Shortcut Filter

Shortcut Options
Ctrl+F Last Filter
Alt+Ctrl+X Extract
Shft+Ctrl+X Liquify
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+X Pattern Maker
Alt+Ctrl+V Vanishing Point

Shortcut Show

Shortcut Options
Shft+Ctrl+H Target Path
Ctrl+’ Grid
Ctrl+; Guides
Ctrl+R Rulers
Shft+Ctrl+; Snap
Alt+Ctrl+; Lock Guides
Alt+F9 F9 Actions
F5 Brushes in Photoshop
F6 Color
F8 Info
F7 Layers

Ini adalah kumpulan keyboard Adobe Photoshop yang disebutkan berdasarkan kategori. Beberapa pintasan keyboard di atas terdiri dari pintasan keyboard yang paling sering digunakan yang biasa Anda gunakan, jadi kami harap Anda dapat dengan mudah mempelajari dan menggunakannya dengan daftar pintasan keyboard ini.

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Paling tidak, mempelajari pintasan Adobe Photoshop akan membuat Anda tertarik untuk mengedit foto atau membuat template. Mempelajari dan menghafal semua jalan pintas di atas dapat menghabiskan banyak waktu. Untuk melakukan ini, coba mulai dengan alat atau opsi yang paling sering digunakan.

Misalnya, Anda dapat memperbesar dan memperkecil menggunakan hotkey “[” untuk memperbesar dan “]” to zoom out. That approach, you do not have to wrestle with adjusting the comb manually. Later, you can even create a brand new layer with the shortcut key Shift + Ctrl + N (new layer), write a reputation for the layer and press Enter / OK.

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