12 best tricks for your Motorola mobile

Motorola Lanzará Un Increíble Smartphone Enrollable

if you have a mobile Motorola You can’t miss this selection of the best tricks on your devices. We are sure that many of these features will make your life more comfortable and make you get more out of your phone.

After Motorola was acquired by Lenovo eight years ago, has been reorganizing. For the first phase, Motorola chose Latin America and later the United States. In addition, he wanted to escape from the concept of nostalgia to compete among the most advanced mobiles.

Motorola is already a company that does not stop growing. Number one in Mexico and Brazil, and third in the United Statesthe company seeks to replicate the success in Europe and Asia.

In Spain and Portugal its renovation began two years after the rest of the European markets, and yet, in both countries it is already where its most expensive products are sold the most.

Shortcuts, better performance, guest mode, keeping the screen on while you read or activating do not disturb mode when you turn the phone over are some of the tricks that we show you below for your Motorola device.

guest mode

Motorola allows create multiple users on your devices. In this way, you will be able to generate profiles for the different members of your family, friends or partner, or with whom you want to share the mobile, but maintaining your privacy.

In addition, there is the possibility of generate a guest profile For all those times when you feel uncomfortable leaving your mobile in the hands of another, fearing that something in your configuration will be modified or a contact will be called.

For activate guest mode follow this route:

Settings -> System -> Advanced Options -> Multiple Users

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Screenshot with three fingers

The most common way to take a screenshot on Android is to press the lock button and volume up button at the same time, however Motorola makes it even easier by letting you capture the screen by placing three fingers in her.

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The function should be activated from the Moto app in the “Gestures” section, and it works when you place your index, middle, and ring finger on the screen.

For enable screenshot with three fingers follow this path:

App Moto -> Screenshot with three fingers

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Turn Wi-Fi on automatically

If you have ever forgotten that, for some reason, you have disconnected the WiFi and then you have run out of data, you know that this trick is essential. Through it, you will indicate to your phone that automatically connect to networks that you select

In this way, when you enter your friends’ house or arrive at work, your phone will connect directly to the WiFipreventing you from spending your valuable data and being able to continue connected to the Internet without problem.

For activate the automatic Wi-Fi option follow this path:

WiFi -> WiFi Preferences -> Turn WiFi on automatically

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adaptive battery

This option makes our phone adapts to our battery consumption depending on which apps spend the most and how we use them. The device will limit less frequently used apps.

Over time, your Motorola will learn how you use, and for how long, the applications installed on it, and it will recognize which ones it should give priority over others, to optimize battery usage. A perfect option for those who need the mobile always operational.

For turn on adaptive battery usage follow this path:

Settings -> Battery -> Adaptive Battery -> Adaptive Battery Use

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speed up animations

If you’re bothered by the time it takes to open an app, you can reduce or even completely disable animations default on your phone.

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this option will drastically decrease opening transitions of the menus and applications on your phone, so it is very useful if your device runs slow, or if you simply prefer speed to aesthetics.

For this trick you have to activate the Android developer options in this path:

Settings -> About phone -> Build number (several times until it shows: “you are already a developer”)

Here are the necessary steps:

System -> Advanced Options -> Developer Options -> Animator Duration Scale

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Keep screen on while reading

If you like read on your phone, you know for sure that after a few seconds of not interacting with the screen it turns off to save power. Fortunately, the Moto app also has a tool that lets you keep it open while you watch.

with this option you can continue reading your favorite articles or article without having to constantly click so that the screen does not turn off.

For keep screen on while reading follow this route:

Settings -> Display -> Follow screen

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turn not to disturb

With this trick, just by turning your phone over and leaving it face down you will put the do not disturb mode up and running, blocking all calls that could interrupt the important moment or meeting ahead of you.

For activate the option to rotate so that it does not botherr follows this path:

Moto App -> Turn to do not disturb

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Shake the phone to turn on the flashlight

Motorola is one of the manufacturers that uses “gestures” the most. Specifically, with this you can turn the flashlight on and off by quickly shaking the phone twice from left to right and vice versa.

A very useful trick in situations where you need light quickly and don’t have time to enter the menu to turn on the flashlight.

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For activate this option follow this route:

Gestures-> Quick Flashlight

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Activate the camera with a flick of the wrist

Another of the best gestures is “instant camera”, which allows you to activate the camera by twisting the wrist twicefrom the inside out, or vice versa.

Once the camera is activated, you can apply the same gesture to switch between front or rear camerabut the only way to turn it off is to exit the main menu by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Gestures -> Quick Capture

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Swipe to split screen

On Android, it is possible to use two apps at the same time using split screen, a feature that is activated on all phones from the option to open the app, usually by swiping the gesture bar up a few inches without moving your finger from the open screen.

On Motorola phones, easily accessed with a quick swipe from left to right in the center of the screen. You can choose any app installed on your phone to use split screen.


Record video clips of the game you’re playing, customize the lights, lock gestures or choose what the sound will be while playing on your mobile It is possible thanks to this simple trick.

With the Motogametime app you can predefine your phone settings when the games on your device are launched.

For use the Motogametime function follow this path:

App Moto -> Motogametime

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open camera fast

With this option you can open the camera of your Motorola with just double click on the power button. In this way you can quickly photograph what you want, without missing the moment.

For activate the option to open the camera quickly follow this route:

Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Quick launch camera

Image - 12 Best Tricks For Your Motorola Mobile

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