10 Safe Games For Kids on Android

10 Safe Games For Kids On Android

With developments game world is increasing rapidly, parents should be more vigilant about games played by their children. Because of course we don’t want our children to play games that contain negative content that could have a bad effect on them later.

Especially for those who are still in kindergarten or elementary school, of course they really need parental guidance in filtering out negative content. Therefore, we must know games that are safe for children and can also provide useful education for them.

Game Recommendations For Kids

Game Recommendations For Kids
Game Recommendations For Kids

Today’s children are used to gadgets and gadgets smartphones start small. And mostly used to play games or watch videos on youtube.

Now, as parents, we are also obliged to monitor the activity of using gadgets by children so that they are not exposed to negative content that can affect their development.

1.Toca Life World

Toca Life World
Toca Life World

A game in Android phone who will invite children to play a character fun while exploring the world of Toca and managing a town called Bop.

There they will meet many unique characters and be able to interact with each other. This game can help children develop their creative side.

2. Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop

Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop
Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop

Next there are games that will make our children manage a food store. They will learn how to do various things such as baking, food and drink.

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3. Coloring and Learn

Coloring And Learn
Coloring And Learn

For those who have children who are growing up, they can train their motoric system with coloring activities through the following Coloring and Learn game.

In it there are more than 100 objects and pictures ranging from animals, cars, letters and other objects that can be colored according to the wishes of the children.

4. Hello Kitty’s Nail Salon

Hello Kitty'S Nail Salon
Hello Kitty’S Nail Salon

This one game might be suitable for girls because we will be invited to manage a salon.

Where the children will try to decorate their nails with beautiful paints and add various kinds funny stickers onto it.


Lego Duplo World
Lego Duplo World

Lego is one type of game that is liked by children. And if you don’t want to spend money to buy them, then you can invite them to play through this game.

Children will be invited to learn about various kinds of social skills and train their creative side by carrying out various kinds of missions in it.

6. PAW Patrol Rescue World

Paw Patrol Rescue World
Paw Patrol Rescue World

PAW Patrol is one of the cartoon series that many children like. So they will definitely be interested in playing this one game.

Just like in the card series, in this game they will also be invited to carry out many rescue missions and get lots of prizes from there.

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7. My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game

My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game
My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game

A relaxing game that is also fun to play for children, this one is very interesting. Because they are required to care for pets in the form of chicks.

So that they can train their patience and affection for animals. Apart from that, you can also play lots of mini games that are no less exciting.

8. Math games for children aged 5-12

Math Games For Kids Aged 5-12
Math Games For Kids Aged 5-12

As the name suggests, this one game focuses on calculations for elementary school age children. So it is very suitable to train their numeracy skills.

There are so many fun addition, subtraction, division and multiplication quizzes to play. Of course parents also have to accompany them so they can teach them when they are in trouble.

9. Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World
Train Conductor World

Maybe there are children who dream of becoming a machinist, so this one game will attract their attention.

Because here they will act as a driver assigned to bring passenger trains to their destinations.

10. Doctor Kids

Doctor Kids
Doctor Kids

Next, there are games that are suitable for children with dreams of becoming a doctor. They will be confronted with several sick child patients.

So that you can introduce more about the world of medicine from an early age in a way that is more exciting and fun.

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Choosing games that are safe for children is a very important thing for parents to pay attention to.

Because nowadays there are so many games that contain negative content which of course will have a bad effect if played by children in their infancy.

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