10+ Pertamina Truck BUSSID Mods (Trailer, Tronton, Long, Blue)

10+ Pertamina Truck Bussid Mods (Trailer, Tronton, Long, Blue)

Maybe you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to drive a long vehicle, like a Pertamina truck. Instead of just imagining it, it’s better to just try driving a Pertamina truck in the BUSSID game.

This Pertamina truck is quite enough tricky to drive in the BUSSID game you know. The reason is because this truck is quite long, so you have to be smart to drive it. Especially when on a turning lane.

Want to try using Pertamina trucks with various variants in the BUSSID game? come on, downloads First, the Pertamina truck BUSSID mod from what we provide here.

Pertamina Truck Mod Review and Features

Before we share the Pertamina truck mod file, it’s best anyway You have to know some of its features first. Because this Pertamina truck is one of the mods in the BUSSID game which in our opinion has many features you know.

As for some of the Pertamina truck BUSSID mod features, including:

1. Detailed Design

The Pertamina Truck Mod Bussid Design Is Very Detailed

From the exterior appearance of the Pertamina truck, it actually looks very realistic. Then for the interior is also very interesting you know. Where the design is made in great detail, similar to a real Pertamina car.

2. Long Trucks

Then the other features are contained in the cargo carried, namely the gas tank. The tank on the Pertamina truck is quite long, so it looks different from several other BUSSID mods.

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Of course there will be a separate sensation when you drive the Pertamina truck.

3. Attractive Livery

The livery on the Pertamina truck is also very interesting because it has a beautiful design. Especially if you’ve been using the original Pertamina truck mod for a long time.

4. There is Animation

No only in terms of appearance and design, there are also many animations on this Pertamina truck. Starting from the animation of lifting or opening the head of the truck.

Then the animation removes the air filter behind the Pertamina truck head. And the animation opens the driver’s door to get out.

5. No There is bugs

Even though Pertamina’s truck has a big design and lots of animations, but No There is bugs at all you know in this mod. So you can enjoy using the vehicle without worrying about bugs.

Download the Pertamina Truck BUSSID Mod Latest

Now, after discussing the features of the Pertamina truck mod in the BUSSID game, then we will provide some of the files that you can use downloads.

All the files that we provide here are free. Even No We only provide mods, but also the livery.

If so, here is a list of Pertamina’s BUSSID truck mods that you can use downloads for free:

1. Pertamina Tank Volvo Trucks

Pertamina Tank Volvo

The Volvo truck above is transporting a Pertamina tank filled with gas. Usually the gas contents are used to fill melon gas or pink gas cylinders.

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2. Pertamina Tank Mercy Axor Truck

Mercy Axor Pertamina Tank

Having a medium tank capacity, the Mercy Axor truck is carrying oil in the form of gasoline and diesel to be brought to the refueling POM.

3. UD Kuzer Mini Tank Mod

Mod Ud Kuzer Mini Tank

In general, UD Kuzer mini tank trucks are placed in remote areas or far from cities. This mod is really suitable for exploring remote maps in BUSSID.

4. Pertamina Tank Scania Truck

Pertamina Scania Trucks

It can be seen that the container trailer from Scania carrying the Pertamina tank is very long so it can accommodate a lot of fuel.

5. Pertamina Mini Hino Truck Mod

Pertamina Hino Trucks

Like transporting gas, Hino Pertamina trucks are only small in size, so they are called mini Pertamina trucks.

6. Pertamina’s Quester Trailer Mod

Pertamina'S Quester Trailer Mod

Body based on UD Quester CPO, this long trailer truck carries Pertamina tanks ready for distribution for the BUSSID game.

7. UD Quester Pertamax Turbo Mod

Ud Quester Pertamax Turbo

Use body the same Quester truck as before, this truck is loaded with Pertamax Turbo type vehicle fuel with black livery.

8. Pertamina Blue Mod Truck

Blue Pertamina Trucks

Still the same as the previous truck, this mod uses a blue Pertamina livery with a tronton trailer design.

9. Hino 500 NewGen Red Pertamina Tank

Hino 500 Newgen Red Pertamina Tank

The Hino 500 truck really is powerful than any other mod truck. So No wonder if the BUSSID truck Hino mod for the Pertamina tank is the back of the vehicle’s fuel load.

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10. Mod Truck Canter Pertamina tank

Pertamina Tank Canter Truck Mod

The Canter truck above does not carry a water tank, but a Pertamina gas tank. Meanwhile, when you download the BUSSID Pertamina truck mod, you will get livery, AO, and templates.

11. Dirty Pertamina Livery Tank Canter

Dirty Pertamina Livery Tank Canter

Deliberately made dirty by the livery maker, this Pertamina tank Canter mod has two variants. The first variant features real suspension and the second variant No real suspension.

How to Install the Pertamina Truck Mod in BUSSID

Installing mods in the BUSSID game is actually very easy. But if you’re just playing and confused about installing it, you don’t need to feel confused. Because we will explain the guide to installing it.

At first, you first extra files downloads the Pertamina truck mod that we have provided. Then run the game BUSSID and just open the menu MOD.

Then tap the button Add/Import and look for mod files Pertamina Truck from FileManager. Press Free to continue the mod installation process for free.

Apart from Pertamina trucks, TLS also provides other BUSSID mods. Everything can be you downloads for free on our site.

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