10 Download the BUSSID Truck Molen Mod (Hino, UD, Canter, NMR)

10 Download The Bussid Truck Molen Mod (Hino, Ud, Canter, Nmr)

BUSSID Truck Molen Mod – Talking about BUSSID mods may be endless. Especially now that there are many modder make the latest vehicle mod. For example, like the Molen truck mod, which we will discuss here.

The molen truck is one of the mod trucks in the BUSSID game which is arguably interesting. Yes, because this truck is designed to be similar to the original and many players like this type of vehicle.

So, if you are one of the players who likes mixer trucks. It would be nice to be direct downloads the mod that we provide in this article.

Molen Truck Mod Features

But before that, let’s discuss the features of the Molen truck mod first. So the features themselves can be said quite a lot, for example:

  • GPS is available in it
  • Pulls like the original mixer truck or it’s heavy at the start
  • The sound of the machine sounds gahar
  • The brakes grip
  • All animations work
  • HD view
  • There are several liveries
  • And definitely no bugs

Download the BUSSID Truck Molen Mod

Make what you want downloads molen truck mod, here we provide several types. Later you can choose the one that is interesting to play downloads.

Here are some BUSSID molen truck mods that you can use downloads:

1. Hino Lohan

Hino Lohan Molen

2. Iveco Traker Cement Mixer

Iveco Traker Cement Mixer

3. UD Quester Molen XPK

Ud Quester Molen Xpk

4. Hino 500 Molen

Hino 500 Molen

5. Canter Mixer by AD ISKN

Canter Mixer By Ad Iskn

6. Dutro Mixer

Dutro Mixer

7. Hino 700 Mixer Molen

Hino 700 Mixer Molen

8. Hino Dutro Traffic Molen

Hino Dutro Traffic Molen

9. Hino 500 New Gen Molen

Hino 500 New Gen Molen

10. Isuzu NMR71 Mixer HSD

Isuzu Nmr71 Mixer Hsd

Mods installation

If you have downloadsthen you can go directly to install just. The method is as usual, you first open the game BUSSID as usual.

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Then select an option MOD and select a menu imported. Then press FileManager and search for files mixer truck mod that was already you downloads. Last press Free to install mods for free.

But when it’s over downloads, you must first extract the file. So that when you look for it later, you can find the molen truck mod file.

That’s all the explanation about the Molen truck mod in the BUSSID game. If there are obstacles, such as the process downloads or installation, you can ask us in the comments column. Good luck!

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