10 basic “prompts” to exploit the potential of ChatGPT

10 Basic “Prompts” To Exploit The Potential Of Chatgpt

By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. I am not going to reveal anything new to you if I tell you that it is much more than a simple Artificial Intelligence chat. Although there are plenty of alternatives out there, OpenAI’s generative text model is the one that’s calling the shots at the moment, and for more than justifiable reasons.

Although ChatGPT is very easy to use It is extremely difficult to master. New practical utilities are being discovered every day, and in fact, there are already plenty of online courses to learn how to use ChatGPT (here are a few free ones if you’re interested). The future is already here, and there are many people who do not want to be left behind.

10 basic phrases or “prompts” to get the most out of ChatGPT

The good thing about ChatGPT is that it can be adapted to different needs, and the more complex the requests you make, the better results you can get. The key is knowing how to give the correct indications to the AI.

But before running you have to learn to walk, so if you are still not familiar with some of the most basic notions of using ChatGPT, here is a small guide with some of the “prompts” or most useful phrases that will help you squeeze this excellent tool.

What is a “prompt”?

Before starting, it is important to clarify what exactly a prompt is. This term refers to the “input” or information that we provide in text format to ChatGPT. This input can be an order, a question, a statement or even a topic of conversation.

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1- “Act as if you were an expert in X”

Normally ChatGPT communicates clearly, with not too long and concise sentences. That is to say, he tries that everyone can understand him.

However, if you are looking for more elaborate answers in a certain field, you can ask the AI ​​to behave as if it were an expert in the field of economics, technology, sports, psychology or any other niche or professional environment.

For example: Act like you’re a bird expert and explain to me the migratory route of the swallow.

2- “Present the information in a table”

Did you know that ChatGPT can also make tables? Give him a text or a long list and ask him to make a table that summarizes all the information. It’s amazing.

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Here I have passed one of my posts to the AI ​​and asked it to turn it into a table.

3- “Do not write about X”

You never know what ChatGPT will answer you. The more detailed your requests are, the more accurate their responses will be. A good way to get what you are looking for is to explain beforehand what you are not looking for. Make things clear to him from the beginning and ask him not to touch on certain topics that do not interest you.

For example: Give me a rundown of the top 10 movies released in 2019, but don’t write about any horror or romance movies

4- “Just explain X to me”

ChatGPT loves to spice up their answers a bit with lead-ins, providing context and closing sentences. If you are looking for the “crumb” of the matter, ask the AI ​​to be concise.

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For example: “Just explain to me what is two plus two”. This will tell you that “two plus two equals 4”. Otherwise, if you say “Explain to me how much two plus two are” it will tell you that it is a mathematical operation and that it is calculated as follows, etc.

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5- “You are an X”

You can also ask ChatGPT to behave in a certain way. For example, you can ask him to be a calculator, a translator, a unit converter, or you can even ask him to be an interviewer and give you a job interview.

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6- “Write for this target audience”

It is not the same to write a text addressed to a group of preschool children than a text for the group of deans of your university. If you are going to ask ChatGPT for a writing job or a text with a very marked audience, ask it to adapt its tone to the listener.

For example: Write a short story. The target audience is 40-year-old married mothers.

7- “Write a long explanation”

In the same way that ChatGPT does not give answers that are too short, it also does not give answers that are too long. Unless we specifically ask for it, of course. If you need to develop a text with a lot of content, tell him to make a long presentation.

For example: Make a summary of at least 800 words about the novel “The old man and the sea”.

8- “Create a list of XYZ”

Besides making tables ChatGPT is also very good at making lists. You can ask him to make you a shopping list with vegan foods, a list of mountain activities, a list of the best silent movies, or a list of the best restaurants within a 30-kilometer radius.

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For example: Tomorrow I am going on a trip to the Amazon jungle. Make me a list of things I should take in my suitcase.

9- “Make me a detailed plan for XYZ”

ChatGPT is an excellent scheduler. It has been fed with billions of data from the internet and therefore can help you plan your next vacation or even develop a diet plan, or an exercise plan to play sports at home. Of course, do not forget to provide your preferences so that the plan is 100% personalized.

For example: I weigh 90 kilos. Make me a detailed diet plan for each day of the week to gain muscle mass, but keep in mind that I don’t like Swiss chard or rice.

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10- “Give me step by step instructions for XYZ”

ChatGPT is a tutorial with legs. The AI ​​can be your teacher when it comes to teaching you how to change a light bulb, fry an egg or learn how to make a bonsai. This is something that he is great at, especially when it comes to a complex topic or about which we do not have much knowledge.

For example: Give me step-by-step instructions to assemble a Rubik’s cube.

1679215017 79 10 Basic Prompts To Exploit The Potential Of Chatgpt

As you can see, ChatGPT can do many things and behave in many different ways. Do you know other basic prompts that are worthwhile? If so, do not hesitate to go through the comment area.

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