+1 888-204-2950 / 888-204-2950 / +18882042950 / 8882042950

+1 888-204-2950 / 888-204-2950 / +18882042950 / 8882042950

The quantity which is talked about above 8882042950 and under is rip-off numbers. Be conscious from this variety of – (United States)
They will name you and can attempt to ask your private info, ensure that to not share any confidential particulars with anybody and be extra cautious with these talked about numbers –
+1 888-204-2950 / 888-204-2950 / +18882042950 / 8882042950 as they are often fraud.

People commented about this number- “Caller says she is working for a company contracted by Wellcare Insurance on her voicemail. The voice sounds like it is in a room without any others ,not a call center situation. She said she was calling with information on one of my medications prescribed through the pharmacy by my dr. When I asked which dr she did not reply, she asked me for my ssn, full name and address just to insure MY privacy. If she cannot give me the name of the dr she is discussing which seemed pretty harmless to me then I am sure not going to give her any sensitive information because I DO want to insure my privacy. I was changing insurance on Dec 31st and in my 3 years with Wellcare they never did this on any meds for any dr. I think this was a scammer call fishing for old people to hook. If its legit they need to rethink their scripts….. bad customer service for sure.”

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