0817 Card What? Here’s the Best Explanation!

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0817 Card What? Here’s the Best Explanation!Did that in truth, every cellphone quantity has a singular code.

And the distinctive code is completely different, relying on the card used. And we won’t make this distinctive code ourselves, or request it.

Because it’s a situation of the operator service that you simply use. And you might want to know, that each operator service has a number of playing cards, so every card has a distinct code. Starting from Telkomsel, then XL, and others.

One of the distinctive codes that you’ll find is 0817. What do you suppose, 0817 card? As an observer, you’ll have discovered a quantity that begins with the quantity 0817, and since you do not know, or to be exact, you do not know, you ask questions and marvel what card 0817 is.

If till now you do not know the reply, then it does not matter actually. Don’t fear, as a result of as soon as you’ve got completed studying our rationalization, you’ve got obtained the rationalization and the reply, what card is 0817. Okay, as a substitute of getting curious, it is higher to instantly check with the following rationalization.

0817 Card What

Before we talk about what card 0817 is, we are going to first clarify the location of the prefix code. So, you’ll find the prefix code for a quantity at the very entrance. In that sense, 12 digits of a quantity, 4 of that are prefix codes.

And it’s positioned at the very entrance or at the very starting. For instance, there may be the quantity 081787879090. So the prefix code for that quantity is 0817, which in truth is the 4 digits at the very entrance.

So, if you wish to establish what card a quantity makes use of, you solely want to go looking and see the prefix code. If, for instance, you already know and get the code, then you can begin discovering out the card. Is not it?

OK, so what card is the prefix code 0817? Maybe, the 0817 prefix code is not as in style as a few of the prefix codes owned by Telkomsel, like 0812, 0822, or 0852, however nonetheless, fairly lots of people really use it..

Okay, you might want to know that code 0817 belongs to an XL card. Which, this one prefix code has two providers, starting from post-paid to paid.

Later, every consumer can use and select for themselves whether or not to make use of a service that’s used after which paid for, or vice versa, specifically pay first after which use it. But clearly, each of those providers have their very own benefits and downsides.

Prefix and Region Code

After realizing and having the reply to what card 0817 is, now you additionally must know that every quantity can also be outfitted with one other code. What’s that? Yes, there may be an space code as effectively. So, every area can be given a distinct code.

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So, if you get a quantity, you cannot solely know if the card used is an XL card. Melain additionally lets which space the card belongs to. And often, this space code isn’t solely provided by XL.

But additionally provided and given by different suppliers. So that it’ll actually make it simpler for anybody who desires to know and needs to establish which metropolis or space a quantity comes from.

Because that is certainly helpful, though it isn’t at all times helpful all day lengthy. Ok, this time we are going to point out an inventory of space codes from XL numbers. Only a number of areas, not all areas. The following is an inventory.

Karawang and Cikarang areas 0819067







West Java Region










Borneo space




Regions of Bali and East Nusa Tenggara







Jabodetabek space





East Java Region






Central Java Region





OK, now what card 0817 is, proper? That’s it, I hope it is helpful, and I hope it helps. Don’t overlook to share it with different individuals. Let them additionally know what card 0817 is.

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